Think I'm finished

  • I know it's Opta not FI, but had enough.
    PB winner today didn't score, had no assist & team didn't win.

    I didn't see the game but I'm guessing he passed it sideways a lot.

    Boring, see ya.

  • take it for what it is, an amazing concept which your in a minority to be part of, stop moaning

  • Cheers.....

  • @NewUser297399

    You may it sound like I'm being done a favour.
    I'm not, I'm betting in a game with shit methods of determining the winner.

  • @NewUser136909
    how would you do it?

  • @NewUser297399
    Not my call at all.
    I'm just a punter, keeping me engaged is important.

  • Tonight was a really poor night of football all around and just one of them things.

  • tbf he was only (just) behind januzaj tonight on Sofascore Ratings across the games.

  • @NewUser268150
    Is it?
    He didn't win, didn't score, didn't assist, no clean sheet.
    What make that worth a 'dividend'?

  • @NewUser136909
    without sounding like i'm having a go....i dont see football index as that at all, its your own choices that should keep you 'engaged', theyve just set up a platform to allow you to do it...and in my view dividends are just a bonus feature of the platform.

  • @NewUser136909 you gonna instant sell everyone in your port then or are you gonna market sell lol, at least market sell mate I might have some players you got I don’t want them to drop 😉

  • @NewUser136909 personally, I wouldn't cut of my nose to spite my face. We should all know the mechanics of how the index works and we should all set our portfolios up to suit the current way the index works.

    Lots of people are invested in one of the winners tonight, simply because his style of play suits the opta scoring system.

  • @NewUser136909 if u didnt watchthe game how can u say he didnt play well enough to be considered the best player on the pitch. It sounds like you have joined this without fully understanding the mechanics of how the system works. Akanji won top defender the other week in a game dortmund didnt win. Yes it helps to have a player if hes in the winning side and hes scoring goals or assisting them but scoring is based on so many other things that these arent always the reason a player wins dividends.

    Have a look at the scoring system and get a hood grasp of how it works then do as much research as you can to find players that will be likely to score high regularly without the need for scoring. Players like Kimmich and Alcantara are good example of this.

  • @bouchet
    Don't disagree at point is it makes it boring. Which isn't what sports betting is meant to be.

  • @NewUser136909

    Bye then. Read the rules for God's sake. Then buy appropriate players. Don't buy your fantasy football players & then moan because their style of play doesn't suit the PB scoring system.

  • You ok hun ?

  • @GarethG
    Ibrahim Sangare in your portfolio?
    Thought not..........

  • @nicky540
    Happy as sugar

  • @NewUser136909 if u find this boring then its the wrong place for you mate. I find this more interesting than any kind of betting ive done in the past. Plus every game is interesting with or without a bet as i search for my next investment

  • @NewUser136909
    whats boring about it? the fact that your player diddnt win?

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