Ruben Loftus-Cheek

  • Anyone else agree that he is superb value at £3.68? Looked brilliant in the last game against Kiev, and Sarri was surprisingly complementary about his performance, indicating he may get more minutes.

    Also, he should get some minutes for England too.

  • Agreed, cheap compared to some of the other young English players. Surely has a great future.

  • Scored for Germany tonight. This lad is a quality player!

  • Ignore me, wrong thread

  • You're right, quality player! Just not quite at the level to score for other countries. But give him time and I'm sure he'll learn to adapt.

  • @Longmanlee said in Ruben Loftus-Cheek:

    Scored for Germany tonight. This lad is a quality player!

    As a Goretzka holder I’m fully in favour of hijacking every thread with positive news about Leon!

  • Find it frustrating as a Chelsea fan and a trader. Really think he can do wonders in that number 8 role, but Sarri seems to keep rotating in that position too much. I really feel his price on FI would be higher if he was consistently given game time. His price dropped when he had his back injury and as expected rises when he starts to return. But Sarri has been using him as a sub for the last few games and only started in the Europa.

    If he's going to continue using him that way his price is going to be stagnant for a while. Still in early 20's, playing for England and still room for improvement. Can easily be the price of KDB or Kroos but has to be given more chances.

  • @Coleyscrooge I don’t feel this is a bad idea in the slightest 😂, I don’t think any thread should be created without at least name dropping him. To be honest I think Goretzka should be closer to RLC price absolutely criminal that he’s not

  • @Shippers Why should he be?

  • @LuaLua well if you comparing their price against eachother, Goretzka starts way more games for Bayern for a start and When playing further upfield he has been scoring and registering a good PB. Why shouldnt it be higher? I rate RLC but he needs to move, i appreciate he wanted to get it a go at Chelsea but he has to move on.

  • Season's end. Sarri out the door. RLC is a young, creative talent ready to spark where Hazard once did. He is homegrown so useful in the European squad, he's much better than Ross Barkley, he scores and he could start for England given game time regularly.

    £3.64 is daylight robbery. Just a bit of patience. As soon as Sarri is sacked he'll be up a pound and depending on his next manager is.. well, there's not much of a ceiling!

  • @Shippers I think he wanted to leave last summer but Sarri wanted him to be "involved". Cute.

    He's English. He has an earring. He could be an MB magnet. His ceiling is much higher than Goretzka, as I mentioned above.

  • @Lukeroro tbh I agree and disagree, he has alot of potentional but MB has been open up to him already and he hasn't really earned anything from what I can see. If he moves would it really drum up the much MB. Id rather go for the potentional PB something I can't rate him on but something I can with Goretzka. Again for Goretzka though it seems the further up the pitch he plays the better the PB but this needs to happen on the regular.

  • @Shippers in a squad with James, Thiago, Tolisso etc then picking the PB midfielder is like picking a Man City mid. And is Kimmich going to be re registered as a mid?

    When RLC plays, he does good. I just hope he doesn't end up like Shaun Wright Phillips etc

  • @Lukeroro I don't think so he's a LB was only really playing further up due to injuries I think.

    Does he suit the PB matrix though he can play well and is an exciting player but if he isn't earning PB then people will move on quickly, time will tell I want him to do well and may get on myself but I am holding back at the mo

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