Thursday 21st IPO Bargains - WOW

  • Rhian Brewster - 30p! That has profit written all over it. England's dream team WC Side was spearheaded by this guy and when Harry Kane looks over his shoulder he's probably thinking this guy could be his only rival over the next few years. Foden might be making the headlines but this boy is the one smashing the net! Wouldn't be surprised to see him settlle between 1.50 and 1.80.

    De Ligt could well be the world's best defender within a few years looking at his performances and stats in his fledgling career with SERIOUS interest from Barca. Defenders don't generally breach the £1 mark without good reason but this boy is different gravy and some suggest a far better player than Davinson Sanchez.

    Kai Havertz, looking for someone currently ripping it up with an amazing baseline for a decent enough team with transfer potential? This boy at 40p is mindblowing. In the long run I fully expect this guy to be the best value tomorrow. I'm seeing £2 to £3 quicker than anyone else that's IPO'd so far with this guy.

    Looking to the rest of the pack Passlack had Klopp crying that he left before he could coach him @ Dortmund and Douglas Luiz has tremendous potential!

    All in all tomorrow is going to be HUGE!

  • @Agatello Tomorrow is one of my favourite days since the IPO's began. Lots to choose from tomorrow. Kai Havertz is my personal favourite 18 years old and averaging good passing stats with 5 games over 40 passes already this season and already has 1 Goal and 5 Assists in 10 Starts. Also strong links with Liverpool this guy ticks all the boxes. If you can get Rhian Brewster at anywhere near his IPO price he is a fantastic fillip opportunity. Amazing goals return at international level and taking the golden boot in the Tournament winning England side. De Ligt is obviously a fantastic young Defender with links to the biggest sides around Europe it won't be too long till he's plying his trade at a much better side. Felix Passlack widely touted as a future Dortmund Captain and is widely regarded as a fantastic young talent. Douglas Luiz not getting too many minutes at Girona as of yet this season but obviously the kid has talent and City think highly of him. As an outside pick I may also pick up Joselu he has good all round stats and has played 7 games where he has over 30 passes. He obviously has a poor Strike Rate and plays in a side that don't win too many games but he could be a half decent outside bet to get maybe one or two PB wins over the next season or so. Maybe worth an outside punt but there's definitely lots of interesting players for tomorrow.

  • Anyone get on De Ligt? Shot up to 86p before I could even find him on search!

  • The robots, FI needs to put in a filter to stop it.

  • Robots??? Whats the point of me sitting in front of my computer waiting for these IPO's?? Lol

  • Hi yh I got it at 54, 63 and 68

    For the first time I been that lucky , the app froze aswell nearly got pissed off

  • I like the look of De Ligt, one of the few defenders I could have a punt on as definitely has the potential to be 'world class' and certainly looks like he could follow Davinson and get a move over the next 3/4 transfer windows. A lot of players on here have 'promise' and 'potential' and I worry that we'll all fall into the sales spiel as 3 years is a short time for some of these names to make such strides but certainly some do have more chance than others to do so. If its a quick flip you want though getting on an IPO early can be exciting... Just remember there's a lot of 'World Class' footballers kicking around at the 70/80p mark (especially defenders) so unless you get in very very early maybe its not that exciting after all? Worth doing comparable due-diligence?

  • How do you find them so quick on the app? Any shortcuts to finding them? If you refresh does it not take you to the top of the page away from their original selling price! Any tips welcome! Thanks

  • I expected De Ligt to shoot up. I don't know if Brewster is going to shoot up to the same degree. He is yet to break into the team and is only one to hold for the future. Hopefully I can get in at a decent price

  • Brewster will rocket!

  • How long does it usually take until the players appear? About 30 mins?

  • @NewUser49172 bloody hell. I was wrong

  • Obviously great for people who got in early and flipped but some of these prices are crazy. £1 for a young striker who may or may not make it as a Premier League striker. 50p would look a bit of a punt, 30p a value hold but £1 really ???

  • @mike778 Agree - when Vitolo a £33m Spanish international at Atletico is trading at 66p
    Madness !!!!

  • @NewUser105497 said in Thursday 21st IPO Bargains - WOW:

    @mike778 Agree - when Vitolo a £33m Spanish international at Atletico is trading at 66p
    Madness !!!!

    I wasn't aware of Vitolo's situation and didn't pick him out as decent at IPO as he's playing for Las Palmas! Didn't realise he's just doing a Costa and keeping warm until moving there next month!

    Soooo on that note....

  • @NewUser105497 Vitolo is a great shout just loaded up on him as well. Completely missed that he wasn't a Las Palmas player when I first looked at him. He's at a great price

  • Ooh let’s load up 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Add to that Atleti's easier than most's fixture list in January and their own midfield isn't full of PB monsters, the steady Saul Niguez, Koke, Carrasco etc!! Then once someone makes it obvious on Twitter - Boom!

    Might have to buy some more before that happens!!

  • @Agatello In that light a Costa/Vitolo double could be the trade of Jan!

  • @NewUser9338 said in Thursday 21st IPO Bargains - WOW:

    @Agatello In that light a Costa/Vitolo double could be the trade of Jan!

    it could well be, although I think every man and their dog knows about Costa going back to Atleti and his price adjustment has probably occurred already. This Vitolo news is very under the radar!

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