Another 300 pound in......but

  • I'm looking at sticking in another 300 the last amount for a few months

    Do I put it in before the share split or after ?

    Do I spend it on a top ten player or a lower value player, and if yes before the split who would you put the 300 on

    Any advise guys

  • For me personally I just invested 300 in sterling. He’s young already proved player and is starting to return a good profit now. I believe he’s a couple games away from πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€

  • Sterling looks likely to be subject to transfer speculation to Real Madrid over the summer (unlikely though it may seem after just signing a new contract)
    However, if there are only 2 clubs in the world that could pull this off and thats RM or Barca....

    If that was to happen his price would possibly double

  • Yes that's one i was looking at i already have 50 future's in him he's very under priced because city rotate a lot

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