• With the platform being 'jittery' I've done most my deals ,covering all bases:
    90 players (10 with under 3 futures)
    All big guns covered
    All top youth covered
    Best of £3-5 range
    Couple of goalkeepers in case of tweaks
    Got 1k ready IF I've missed anything BUT don't fancy the 'frenzy' that will ensue
    Could be 'manic' & if 'bots' are in play don't fancy buying someone 10-20p more than I've traded

  • @Friedeggs Just out of interest, how many futures do you hold and how have you spread them across your players?
    For example, I have 2400 futures with mostly 50 futures in each players.

  • Approx 980 only been on 6 m

    Is anyone expecting a 'curved ball' or just 'tweaks' to current system ❓

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