Chong + LoftusCheek

  • Intending on just putting 200-300 into these and let them sail for the rest of the year. CHO has already skyrocketed, so I feel like there's a pretty decent chance of these two doing the same.

    If anyone else has any suggestions for players I can buy now and hold until December - feel free :)

  • Between those two I'd choose RLC. There have been a few rumours about Chong going on loan to the Eredivisie next season and his record for the youth sides isn't exactly brilliant.

  • Cheech and Chong, jesus that brings back the memories 😁

  • @NewUser82416 just hoping RLC has a rocket up like CHO. For a 2-man portfolio - is sterling+RLC a good combo - or should I diversify?

  • Loftus cheek is a great selection at the current price imo. Don’t hold him at the minute but when I next deposit I will get £100 worth. Plays just as much if not more than Hudson odoi, in the England squad again, looks a class player. Don’t think Chong is a good pick, way overpriced I can’t see him getting a look in next season. Loftus cheeks price just seems a great price compared to others

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