Reece brown

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    Why? Is this literally just people jumping the gun on the next Man united people?

  • Pump and dump designed to screw over new users. Do NOT get involved.

  • I also believe he is listed wrong, and is not with United at all. The picture may also be wrong (not 100% sure but fairly confident)

  • This Reece brown plays for forest green 😂👍

  • @Thedave Fi really fucking up atm

  • unless I'm greatly mistaken he's already left Utd so wont be one of the next Class of 92.
    Whoever's driving this price rise should be ashamed of themselves.

    That said, people need to do their homework before parting with their cash.
    10 seconds on google and whoscored shows this isnt a wise investment

  • FI please sort this out.
    Then again do your homework and you should not fall for this.
    But for the very new investors this is a nasty trap to potentially fall in to.

  • as a forest green season ticket holder the photo is of are player
    born 3 march 1996 age 23 he plays in an attacking midfield position
    he may move in the summer
    will watch him this afternoon as we play Carlisle

  • Scored for forest green,that should bump price up!,,,

  • The photo is of forest green reece brown who has never played for man utd. The reece brown who played for man utd is unemployed. He should have been taken off the index. Ridiculous. Anyone who buys into him deserves to lose their money the absolute morons.

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