Sterling flying

  • I always believed he was massively undervalued at the £8 I held him at for months so great to see him flying.

    How far can he go? I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be in the £12+ Range

  • I think pre split share, he is the one player to invest in. City still competing on all fronts, first name on the team sheet, possible player of the year. I see no reason why he can’t go above £15.

    Also, post split share, if he’s valued at say £2.50, he would like a bargain to new players, so expect his price to continue to increase for the foreseeable

  • @adam1984 agreed 100%. even after SS he will look cheap for his returns

  • It’s about time his price started to rise, plays majority of games for city, England international and still young. Can’t understand why investors didn’t see the potential in him. 👍💷

  • Quality player who is getting better and better at the moment. I added him to my portfolio last month.

    If he carries on the way he is at the moment then he does have the potential to be amongst the big names on the index.......but I think this will only happen if he can play 90 minutes week in week out. He needs to stop getting subbed off early in games so he has the opportunity to get the high PB scores needed to win dividends more regularly.

  • As I was telling my mate @Andy-M the other day, this boy has real potential to fly!

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