Mendy + Debruyne + Ox all back after international break

  • I have these players in my portfolio will their prices rise much on return from injury and if so by how much? Haven't been on the platform long enough to know this stuff.

    Currently at 3.05 6.26 3.39 respectively.


  • If Mendy gets back to playing games, he will rocket as hes a assist and PB machine.

    KDB needs to get back to last years form, but i think he will next season.

    Ox- he will break a toe nail and be out another year.

  • @Westy your point on ox goes for Mendy as well. Spends far more time injured than actually playing.

  • Depends on how they perform.

    Ox was priced below £2 I think before he basically ruined his knee. Suppose it depends how well everything has been glued back again but he looks to be one of those index assets far more valuable when injured and recovering than when he's playing.

  • I think the big rises we've seen in some injured players like Ox are very strange, I don't see that trend continuing forever, I think a lot of people who bought in high on injured players will be getting burnt.

    Mendy is very injury prone and has never actually won a PB although he gets a decent average, if he stays fit he could be a good investment.

    KDB is also becoming increasingly injury prone, decent for PB but not great on MB for his price, I think there's cheaper proven PB players I would prefer to hold.

    Ox never won a PB and doesn't get good scores, most of his MB wins would've been from the arsenal move/injury news which would concern me.

  • I bought Mendy at £3.52 so down a few quid on him but will be holding, he's a very good player when fit and also likes the camera and being in the spotlight, solid hold for me.

  • I reckon Mendy and de buyne will be back into a team with a massive fixture list with some massive games and ox will move right into a midfield which is in desperate need of some pace and creativity. I think he'll jump ahead of Keita and Shaquiri considering how little Klopp trusts them and how often Klopp mentions Ox in press conferences.

  • Mendy will be interesting... Already has a good pb average... If he can play 90 mins consistently he's bound to pick up some pb. Loves a tweet too so maybe some mb

  • @NewUser159379 Yes, but IF he gets back, he is a PB beast...whereas if Ox gets back he's not a proven PB beast

  • I wouldn’t be confident holding ox at the price

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