Why griezzman

  • Griezzman has a buyout clause of 150 million euros. He's 27. He's not going anywhere. Why is he rising? Is it just for mb speculation?

  • He has been priced between £5 and £6 for ages - pretty much year. He is still priced between £5 and £6 but has nudged near the top end of his normal range as I think there was an article about him considering his future.

  • top player in his prime, in a good team...and if SS is divide by 4 he will be under 1.50 a pop

  • Simeone has the Mourinho effect on FI values - If he were to be replaced by someone with a more attacking/less conservative style then Griezzy would jump up.

    Not sure how likely that is but his value is definitely held back by his current environment.

  • @LuaLua did you see the L'Équipe story?

  • @Keegan's-Bluff @LuaLua been picked up on ESPN that he regrets not going to Barca, and has been touted to a load of clubs around Europe too.

  • I think he might well move this summer - he's acheived all he can at Atletico, and he's certainly got a big move in him. Certainly he'd be a good fit at Barcelona, but if he wants to move leagues then any of the top teams in the PL will cut their arms off for him to go there.

    I hold him; I've hovered over the sell button a few times, but I think he's got a good rise in him still given the situation.

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