Why not...

  • Good luck mate

  • @LuaLua thanks mate. Appreciate it

  • Thanks to those who have donated so far! Really will make a difference. For those who haven’t, after so many green days on the index maybe you could spare a few pounds to help a worthy cause. My link is attached in the feed! Thanks in advance xx

  • Another sponsor today. Unfortunately I can’t work out who it was but just wanted to say thank you for your generosity.

    Really means a lot x

  • Just want to thank everyone again for their donations.
    16 mile run planned for the morning 😩

    Cheers FI community 👍

  • Hows the training going pal?

    Good luck.

  • @Millerman
    Hi mate. In truth could be a lot better. Got to up it this week. Did 11 miles today and then planning 15 Sunday. Going to finish Thursday with a 18 mile run if I can. Then start to taper off as the Marathon is on the 28th.
    Started with good intentions but getting home from work and then having a 2 and a half hour/ 3 hour run just doesn’t work.

    Will be gritting my teeth and In a lot of pain from a long way out 😂

  • @Salmon stick at it mate. I will be travelling down as I do every year to cheer people on. Always stand outside new Scotland Yard.

    Train hard race easy is my motto.

    I got hooked on running a few years ago now do the whole ultra scene so I feel your work/train pain.

    Enjoy every second of it, and don’t be afraid of the emotion dump at the end!!

  • @Salmon
    Good luck chap
    From a veteran of London marathons (did 3 in the early 00,s)

    Im currently on the sidelines at the moment with Quadricep Tendonitus (Physio on Tuesday) :( supposed to be training for an ultra 24 hour relay in July 😂

    If you post your chip number on here people can track you as you are running around....👍

  • @Salmon .
    Just donated my £20 winnings from @Ollie 's competition! Good luck with it, my Mrs. has just run the Manchester marathon last weekend. It's a long old slog!👍

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