MB showing on squad players again

  • Hmmmm this can't just be a rumour, unless they're just teasing ppl and it's just testing for next future change.
    This is Rooney right now


  • Its actually helpful that we can see this tho because now we don't have to google thirty players to see if they're being linked with a move. This helps the traders and encourages trading which is what Fi want. I don't necessarily see it as conclusive proof that they're opening up Mb.

  • Nothing showing on the android app I'm using. What do you use where that is showing?

  • @GregF Android but not app, just website on google, the app is crap

  • Seems inevitable MB will be opened up. I expect the values of the likes of Balotelli, Alisson and De Gea will rocket tonight. Oh and Rooney and Zlatan!

  • Balotelli would have smashe it if he scored last night - had a photo of Rashford on his t shirt for a planned goal celebration !!

  • @Andy-M ah, got it. Cheers mate

  • @Hotspur they've been rising for the last few days - nothing spectacular but people are certainly putting some money behind them anticipating the change. Reminds me of last announcement where they ended up flying straight afterwards.

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