Deposit limits?

  • For some reason I have a £1000 deposit limit set? I can’t seem to change it either? Not exactly ideal today! Anyone else have the same thing

    I have emailed them, no response (I assume there busy with other things?

    Any idea????

  • @EMBO90 if you log into the app, click account and responsible gambling and the deposit limits appear. You can turn it off (I think) by swipping left next to the daily/weekly/monthly limit you have set and this should turn it off. The only thing to keep in mind is it may take 24 hours to change the same as all gambling companies. You must of set it when you first deposited or registered.

  • Yeah I keep trying to change it and it reverts back to £1000 every time

    I can’t remember doing that as have deposited larger amounts before, all very odd

    Just annoying when I’m looking at pumping more money in 😂😂

  • @EMBO90 give them a ring mate, always a bit slow on emails but they sort stuff out quickly on the phone. They wouldn't in anyway set it themselves. When you deposit the question does come up, potentionally you may of done it then.

  • Do you know the number

    Can only seem so find the email???

  • @EMBO90 yes bud its 08000662650

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