List of players with greater than 10% yield this season

  • Thought this info might prove helpful. Players with >10% yield already this season plus age. Interesting how efficient the market is with players towards the end of their careers near the top of the yield list which makes sense.

    Note that pricing data is a little old so actual yield at today's price may differ slightly. Age is also inaccurate on some players but only by a year either way.


    Edit: Should also mention this is all exclusive of inplay divs so yields will be higher depending on when you bought the player.

  • @PB-man Interesting. Thanks for sharing. This could be very useful depending on how the dividends are changed in tonight's announcement.

    Any chance you may be able to add the actual yield?

  • @Metropolis the free membership package on index gain allows you to see that.

  • @PB-man little bit off topic, have been keeping my eyes on early games on the weekend's and considering a punt on any possible big scores for PB dividends, it's amazing how often the 1st goalscorer is around 30 years old, most of these seem to be early games in Spain and Italy, obviously i ain't jumping on any oldiesthat will get dumped instantly.
    Just thought it was interesting because of all the old boys in your list 😁

  • I also think that the media become more respectful as players get older by using their full name rather than abbreviations, nicknames or just surnames which helps from the media buzz POV

  • What do people think is vfm reading dividends ?

    For me, I see high risk players (over 30 or whose circumstances can easily change negatively). Need to be returning maybe 25 percent to justify the risk.

    Low risk players aged say 25 and under unlikely to do something bad like move to china then 10 percent is fine.

    Somewhere in the middle and it's somewhere in the middle. Kids and it's about projecting future yields.

    The current yields are probably about right in a mature market but don't really leave any room for growth.

  • @Metropolis It's sorted in order of yield from Oscar Wendt with 33.33% descending to Kramaric on 10.06% if that helps.

  • @PB-man thanks!

  • @mike778 Yep I think very similarly. Hence Messi, despite his stellar total yield doesn't do it for me factoring in percentage yields. Hopefully that changes tonight though!

  • @mike778 here's players aged 25 and under with yields greater than 5% for comparison. You can see why Pogba (yield 17%) is so valuable.


  • Should also mention this is all exclusive of inplay divs so yields will be higher depending on when you bought the player.

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