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  • Bob Mills - "I don't get it"

  • @C-Arroyo
    Yes that would be true if FI was in fact encouraging people to only invest in MB players. But they aren't, and many traders don't even get involved in MB players. You can play it as a "football" index if you like, and MB won't prevent that. And anyway you talk about PB as if it is a true test of football knowledge but that's a little misleading. Anyone can win on any given day, and if there are some who win very regularly what is the difference between traders stocking up on those and sitting tight and doing the same with MB players?

  • @C-Arroyo
    If we get rid of MB we are still left with a far from perfect PB system. The people you mentioned above who would buy players like Eric Dier would still lose.

  • @Specksynder

    Now we're getting somewhere......

    In one sentence :

    The frequency at which we observe volatility.

    @Tom77 - Ibrahimovic was 18 months ago. Pogba has been wearing the crown for too long. I encourage more rotation, that's all.

  • @C-Arroyo
    And Messi and Neymar have been winning PB for 'too long'. What should we do about that?

  • @Specksynder

    I said fair chance.
    Eric Dier is a fair chance at a fair price - I do hold.

    If I were talking to a new investor now, my advice would be Eric Dier and not that kid at Man Utd with the big hair.

  • @C-Arroyo
    So despite knowing how the product works you would advise people to buy players with little to no chance of winning dividends (either PB or MB)?

  • @C-Arroyo
    Prices are driven by market forces. If the MB guys are taking all the money then that surely means the PB guys are cheaper and therefore better value and you should be cashing in and be very happy about it

  • @Specksynder

    So they should (Messi and Neymar). It's merit based. They are the greatest players in world football. New investors and pundits accept and more importantly "expect" this.

    Doesn't leave Bob Mills scratching his head and being critical because Paul Pogba is the "best in the world"

    I would encourage new investors to invest in players likely to have a good ROI inc divs.
    an 12p win once in three years is a lot more attractive when your player costs 75p than a player costing £5.
    Eric Dier is still in the England squad despite his current lack of dividend wins, he still plays for a CL club and to my knowledge the last club he was linked with was Utd.

  • @Specksynder Think knowing the system and knowing football are two very different things. I'd like the gap to be reduced too.

    Altho there is a reason they give you 500 free cash to play around with @C-Arroyo

  • @Specksynder said in Share Split Announcement - Thoughts & Reactions:

    Prices are driven by market forces. If the MB guys are taking all the money then that surely means the PB guys are cheaper and therefore better value and you should be cashing in and be very happy about it

    I hold 120 players in equal volumes and win an average of one dividend daily on match days - I'm not complaining about it.

    I'm complaining that my capital appreciation has dwindled based on a flawed platform and lack of ambition from FI.

    However I suspect FI has put itself in an almost impossible position with MB and it's "infrequent" level of volatility.

  • @LuaLua

    Same reason any business offers a "free sample".

    People having been doing it with other addictive products for ages, gambling is no different. Many betting sites do this. Interesting that this was offered in line with new board memebers with a betting background. Likewise IPD's.

  • @C-Arroyo Just worth mentioning in all this chat that it does look like FI has taken steps to find a middle ground of the in/out trading for IPDs, which is not sustainable, and the long-term gains of PB, by boosting the single match day divs more so than the double and treble.

    I think this is designed to stimulate short-term tinkering looking for the best value possible PB winners on a single day, for example when you get a Levante vs Eibar type game on a single match day.

    In this situation PB isn't just a case of buying the best PB players and holding long term - it is looking to encourage people to actually use their skill and knowledge to pick the winners.

    This for me is a positive step and I could see it being a much better matchday mechanic than the current IPDs, if FI chose to promote it accordingly.

  • @Wotabeast

    That's interesting.
    If that can act as a replacement for IPD's altogether and stimulate trade, I'm very happy.
    There's an equal incentive to buy or hold after the event.
    As it should be.

    What we've seen in the daily tips thread is what one might expect.
    Players like Messi, Kroos, Kimmich feature regularly in tips.
    However in the main part we see tips changing based on the days particular fixtures - A lot of volatility and potential fuel for trade.
    These tips score points only on PB wins.
    So yes even though the likely suspects would remain priced highly, eventually stagnating around true value. The rest are an open and volatile market and there's lots of movement.
    As will always be the case.

  • @C-Arroyo - I think you would only be happy if it was C-AI. C-Arroyo Index...

    Just be happy with the product and the fact you have made money. if the new investors are savvy enough they will make money too.

  • @C-Arroyo - so you are advising people to buy someone with media dividends who is useless at PB and IPD then?


  • @Zidave

    I'm suggesting than any sub £1 player that to date has not won any PB dividends is a fair risk.
    On the basis that said player has scored two goals in sixteen games for a top PL side, as well as scoring 3 international goals for England to date.

    As things currently stand - I would accept a 50% ROI after 3 years on any player, provided my portfolio does not contain any losing players.
    In that sense I would suggest Dier is a low risk, safe investment.

    There are players who will return far greater ROI than 50%.
    Dier does have that potential, be it a goal spurt, transfer or positional change. As do many currently low priced players who haven't won a div to date.
    I have made money on many such players following their first dividend win. Some often returning that 50% return in far less than three years. 3 months is more common.

    In Dier's case, I have no concerns.
    He's still featuring for Southgate.
    Provided that is the case in 12 months time, he'll be rising in anticipation of Euro 2020.
    That's if he doesn't spike this summer for the Euro nations which he is quite possibly going to do.

    Any dividends will be treated as a bonus, but they aren't the reason I recommend buying Dier at his current price and holding for up to 18 months.

  • @C-Arroyo did you suggest dier may have a goal spurt.....?😂😂 here's for hope!

  • @C-Arroyo Pogba has been wearing the crown too long? What have you been smoking!

    I've been here since end of November & Pogba wasn't king when I joined - nor is he king now, it's Neymar.

    You keep saying dividends used to just be treated as a "bonus" & capital appreciation was worth more - but what do you think was driving that capital appreciation? 🤔

    I'll answer for you - the possibility investers believed the said player could win MB & PB in the future.

    There is no capital appreciation without the belief it's going somewhere. 😐

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