• Share Split announcement tonight, but where is the big push for new customers?
    The odd 10 minutes on Talk Sport is not really the promotion drive you want to see when you know how massive this really could be.
    I really hope that along with the SS announcement, there are plenty of sweeteners in there to keep current traders happy and tap into that new customer base.
    The amount of people I chat to who love footy and have a bet, yet no nothing about FI is worrying.
    Hoping to see something in the SS tonight that can take it to the next level.

  • I'd guess there are plans in place but there is no point in releasing fresh marketing campaigns until the share split has taken place - the current prices will scare off a lot of new (and already sceptical) users who like to 'test the waters' with a £10-20 deposit to start with.

  • Exactly the big boys are all gonna see green increases come champions league and league showdowns cup finals so the share split is gonna come at just the right time.
    You'd think they have some adverts lined up.

  • As far as I understand FI is a UK operation although correct me if I got that wrong.
    Are there plans to expand this on to the continent ie Germany,France ,Spain?

    There is surely some growth if this was expanded on to the continent.

  • The big push needs to come after the split not before it, the end of the season and summer is so important to get new traders for the start of next season.

  • The key to attracting new users (and indeed retaining them) is simplicity.

  • They need to sort out all the issues they are currently having as its plainly evident that they are unable to cope with the amount customers they have at the moment.

  • @Chris-J Bang on...

  • We all need bumper stickers !!!

  • Flyers, Cards, Mugs....Damn anything we can fit a logo on.
    Not just T-Shirts which are a cool FI official offering.

    This is an important thread though.
    We can do our part.

    I have some experience, but to be honest I'm pushing another online product that gets me laid (did I just say that out shame maybe).
    If I get bored of dating beautiful women then I might send my printer a link and throw a few options on to the forum.

    Not stopping anyone else taking the initiative though.
    I'd certainly throw £50-100 at marketing props and merch.
    I'm surprised we haven't done this already.

    In the past I've known London cabbies who've plastered their ride in decals - that shit really works and would be great for FI.
    Any here ?

  • @Dronny-Gaz how about they 1st get someone on board in the Tech department that has a damn clue what they are doing, I'm sure they need a fully functioning product before they expand any more..
    And yes then they can seriously think how to promote this better 👌🏻

    Incase peole are oblivious to the last 48 hours

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