Some money been spent already!!

  • Seems like a lot of people getting things done before the announcement, best day I’ve had so far

  • I was going to say something like this earlier...

    but the more I think about it I'm not sure it's all people spending. A good chuck of money is being spent, for sure. But I think just as much of it is people removing from the sell queues just to await the big news later.

    I have 15 players in my portfolio and every single one of them has seen an increase, with the exception of Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

  • Only ones in my portfolio that haven’t moved are salah and firmino everyone else has been flying

  • Big names in my portfolio absolutely flying last few days, Neymar, Pog, Kane, Sterling, VVD & Messi, great to see! Very excited!

  • Virgil van dijk killing it 4 me

  • It was a great day already, my profit was at an all time high. I was wanting to get on VVD and Robertson but I had others to jump on first and the site kept crashing. I've decided to walk away now. The rest of my business got done at least. Now we wait.

  • balotelli dropping like a brick !

  • I’ve taken a battering today!

  • @nicky540
    Luckily the first person I sold when I got on after the announcement bought 200 yesterday and got out with about 20ppf profit after commission

  • @Longmanlee how is that possible! ive got over 50 players and looks like only 2 or 3 haven't made money today ... with tiny drops. Lots of big risers tho

  • @Vespasian32 I only have 4 players in my portfolio. All youngsters for long term holds.

    Not very diverse but this is the gamble I was taking

  • @Vespasian32
    Wow, impressive mate!!
    50+ players and only 2-3 with little drops?! How is that possible??

  • @Mundek well little is subjective I suppose... Sancho took a bit of a hit. mbappe a few p, salah was the other... but I had good coverage with most of the top 20, recent PB winners, consistent PB scorers and goalies.

    This afternoon I bought;
    Xhaka - rose 24p
    Mandzukic - rose 5p
    Leno - rose 6p

    The one player I managed to buy during the post announcement melee - Savanier rose 30p (and due to lag I bought 150 instead of 50... then sold 120 of them at his top price).

  • Lol if anyone actually buys trackers they must be suddenly rolling in it right now ahhah

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