Missing Futures

  • I already own a certain player but during the madness that ensued shortly after 7:30pm, I bought X more futures of said player.

    The purchase showed as successful at the time, my balance has decreased accordingly and the transaction also shows in my transaction history. However, the total futures displayed in my portfolio for this player hasn’t increased.

    I’m willing to let it all calm down/allow the app to catch up before I contact customer services but was intrigued to know whether or not anybody else has experienced a similar problem?

  • I was on my phone and also the laptop did take awhile for them to balance out,did end up buying 3x as many sterling as I wanted(now my biggest hold)but maybe not a bad thing

  • @Ynot_b

    How long did it take for your portfolio to correctly display the number of purchased futures mate?

    I’m a tad concerned that I’m now 90 minutes down the line and it’s still showing incorrectly. I’ve even tried deleting and reinstalling the app.

  • There are all looking ok now but at one point they where miles apart

  • Still nowhere to be seen...

    An email to customer services it is!

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