Yesterday's MB incorrectly paid

  • I've got mine now! Thanks @Andy-M for leading the charge.

    I'll spend my 44p wisely.

  • Cheers guys for voicing your appreciation, glad i could help, even if it wasn't life changing money, principles are high on my list.

  • Not all heroes wear a cap it seems.

  • Seriously, what's happening now, there was an article on Harry Maguire earlier for 40 points, it just came a new story for 40 points, but the 1st story just vanished, luckily i found it on Football Buzz and did a screenshot, seriously, what the hell is going on...

    This was previously on desktop
    0_1553243353688_Screenshot_20190322-092450_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Disappeared completely

    0_1553243407678_Screenshot_20190322-092534_Samsung Internet.jpg

  • So I've been chasing CS again and had a very positive chat, heres the end of the conversation regarding future feedback from FI, great to see that they also appreciate our feedback on how they can improve.

    0_1553249752435_Screenshot_20190322-111118_Samsung Internet.jpg
    0_1553249762184_Screenshot_20190322-111152_Samsung Internet.jpg

  • @Andy-M nice work

  • starting to get a bit fuzzy between are we (general bunch on here that want things sorted) customers or voluntary workforce...

  • @Westy yeah it's lucky I'm sick from work because I would never have had all this time and energy trying to fix their problems, guess there's a reason for my fracturing my foot after all 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • @Andy-M time and energy is a good point. I have reported several faults that have cost me. But i don't have the time to keep chasing up- shouldn't have to! Roll on Easter Hols whenI can get on it!

  • So I tried not to care anymore because the top 3 have not been affected, but yet again it's all wrong and not ok

    This is what they paid out on tonight
    0_1553480367061_Screenshot_20190325-030730_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Yet both football Guru and Football Index Scout say completely different apart from the winner...

    0_1553480457751_Screenshot_20190325-031314_Samsung Internet.jpg

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