Incorrect teams

  • Who is responsible for player research/listings. Something is going on. Last week we had the Reece Brown debacle. Yes it could have been a pump and dump tactic but this was made possible by someone within FI listing him as a United player. Despite him never having played for them.
    Today we have Marek Hamsik doubling in value...he is listed as a Brescia player, a team he hasn’t played for since 2007 and he is now playing in China.
    I know that it is individual investors responsibility to research players prior to investing in them but how are FI getting things so wrong. These can’t be genuine mistakes and it’s almost as if it is deliberate

  • this is one of my major frustrations in the platform.. neglecting fundamental details will drive people away when competitors enter the market offering a better product... FI need to brush up on this.. if they like they can give me a login to access players and i'll update those that need doing when i'm bored at work (i can probably do 100 a day)... but whoever does it this needs to be done as its one significant area that is completely neglected and needs updating!!!

  • They still have rooney as man utd and ibra as juventus...

  • @NewUser297678 players listed under the wrong teams has always been a problem from when I joined (october) but the recent site maintenance seems to have made it even worse.

    What us users have also noticed is players details morphing into those of other players that share their name. Like this one i posted on another thread...


    A player currently playing for Valladolid (thats him in the picture) is now showing the details of a former Madrid player who retired in 1997.

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