Selling to Market

  • I am trying to sell to market and set a reserve price. I know the reserve price has issues normally but this is another issue.

    I bought the player originally for £2.70 he is now £3.32 when I try to set the reserve price it won’t go higher than £2.69.

    I saw someone else questioning a price his player sold for on the market earlier which sounded like the same thing I.e went to market without looking at reserve price then player selling way below the trading price to the market.

    Anyone else having same issue?

  • I had an issue yesterday with regards to a player selling at the wrong price. I sold to market, no reserve, player sold at 7.75, but was available to buy at 8.20. Best thing to do is email them and demand a refund for the discrepancy

  • @adam1984 thanks for the reply, I haven’t listed due to the glitch. I have also noticed the same issue but in reverse. The players that I have in my portfolio that have dropped in price show at my original purchase price when I go to market with a reserve price. Tempting

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