Selling Chain Reaction

  • so my portfolio has dropped near on 10% post SS announcement however i have a mix of holds with mostly young (established) players. I get a sense of the big holders selling in mass to fund the top 25 players leaving the small holders panic selling which does my absolute nut in as thy haven't a clue why they are selling them if they drop 10p leave it be don't keep being a impulse gambler that wants a quick fix chopping and changing every time theres a slight dip its a long process not a quick saturday afternoon £20 15 fold acca! If there is no legitimate reason to sell then why?!!! Rant over

    PS: nowI can top up thank you

  • Lol I feel you. Who you got in your portfolio?

  • people just need to grow some balls and hold tight

    Ben Yedder
    Andre Silva

    couple others aswell but mostly bought at either bottom of there price or mid way a couple nearer the top

  • @NewUser209742 Don’t worry. The money will end up trickling right the way through the market.
    What with the lions share of dividend rises being for in play I’m quite surprised about the huge rises at the top of the market. It’s all relative, they are no better value after the announcement/split than before in comparison to everybody else.
    It’s just default for these players to be pumped immediately following an announcement.

  • Exactly i have no doubt just a kick in the teeth with people being so naive to the situation. as you pointed out no one got injured last night no players were affected i know we are playing a market but the main influencer is the players ability and form

  • @Timothee-Atouba I wouldn’t go as far as saying they have been pumped. There is a dividend increase in almost every category (only x3 star didn’t increase I believe ) so it makes sense that proven dividend earners rise, they are after all what makes the market produce any actual tangible profit

    As for the young up and coming, I hold some myself, but true patience is required, as some will take 2-3 years to pay for themselves. And in that time I’d rather be earning dividends to add to my cash balance.

    Just an opinion!

  • @NewUser209742 I wouldn’t say people have been naive with such vast sums of money, but it will end up diluting through the market.
    However, with a rise in dividends players like a lot of the ones you have with no chance of winning them at present may not recover until they do have a chance of winning them.
    But that won’t matter because you obviously invested in them believing they were dividend winners of the future.

  • @LaneyNights Basically seconded that as you were posting!
    However, I believe to much has gone into the top players as everything should retain a relative structure. They are no more likely to be winning these higher dividends than the current dividends.

  • I suppose not but like you put a second ago the proven winners still have the same chance as the non proven winners even with a increase in dividends

  • @Chalky That is true, but people try to ride waves and behave quite short term to do it. DDG is a classic example, he was rising as people were expecting the MB to be opened up. Then it’s announced that it won’t come into effect for 4 or 5 months but nonetheless has happened.
    But people still offload him to free up capital to ride current waves, then will be falling over themselves to get back on come July.

  • Completely mate just some people get sucked into all

  • @Chalky Trading and gambling bring about impulsive behaviour.
    Provided that you are confident in your trades the best thing to do is nothing, there are bound to be a few hiccups on the way.
    However, if you realise that you have made a bad trade and your reasons for buying no longer apply or worse still were the wrong reasons you must cut losses.

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