young european up and coming players

  • it seems to be these players sufferning from a bit of Regression, from my own portfolio
    Julian Brandt
    Leon Goretzka
    Bruno Fernandes
    Steven Bergwijn

    all down after yesterdays news, still a 'hold' for me as they all have potential big moves ahead of them but is anyone seeing similar results

  • It will filter down. I reckon people were selling up to fund getting in on some of the rises at the top end. See it as a top up opportunity.

  • I agree with Kirstiang85. People were selling as other players (Sterling, Neymar, Pogba, Messi etc) were rising quickly. I think some people decided to instant sell a load of shares in order to jump on the bandwagon. Sit tight - last night wasn't the time for making profit in my opinion, it's post share split.

  • cool cool, i nearly did this myself...but i feel i ve got a good mix with the likes of sterling, neymar, hazard also, so i'm happy to sit back for a while now....

  • @SgtSnowman
    But everyone knew what was going to happen so don't understand the rush for IS etc...
    Port should be ready weeks before, not yesterday!

    Kane - was below £9 few weeks before,
    Sterling - I read every day the number of posts that he will rise ble ble ble, again he was just £8+ a short time ago,
    Messi - what can I say here... He was, is and should be player in mostly ports,PB monster, below £15 in Feb for example!
    Kimmich - PB monster who was sitting at £7 long time /few days ago....
    Pogba and Naymer - Kings of FI from ages (not from yesterday) 'must' players for PB/MB for everyone...

    And young players like Zaniolo, Bruno, Dembele, Felix,even Sancho will bounce back very soon!

  • Transfer spec MB is going to be the only game in town for 3 months over the summer now is the time to be buying these players not selling them

  • @Mundek I don't understand the IS either. Especially considering some of the players that dropped would sell fairly quickly anyway. Also don't understand the sudden drop in Sancho, after share split he will rise quickly too. As I said, I can only assume that people saw some players rising quickly and wanted to get in on it, despite the fact that they'd already missed the boat. My concern is that it seems at the moment like we have a lot of players in it for the quick buck, but this isn't the same as a standard betting platform, it's a long term game.

    The young players will be absolutely fine and as someone else said, it's a good time for topping up on those before share split. Dembele is incredibly low at the moment, i'm waiting for some sales to go through before I can add quite a few more shares on him.

  • Pietro Pellegri

  • @Westy will be the best striker in the world by time he is 25.

  • @Vespasian32 defo showed potential at very young age. Solid neck is always a good sign e.g. Ronaldo.
    Currently injured so think that is factored in his current price. Expect big rises next season when he will take over or play with Falcao in first team.

  • @NewUser297399 Littel dip in form for Brandt
    Bruno Fernandes will fly once he gets a summer move imo. His stats are very impressive

  • @Vespasian32

    haha, people say I'm bonkers.

    In this case I do actualy own an expensive youngster, not that one though.
    I'll stick to Mbappe.

  • @NewUser297399

    For me there's only one profitable long term hold there and it's Goretzka.

    I'm sure Bayern Munich have looked closely at all four and they apparently agree with me.

    However in the cases of Fernandes and Bergwijn (regardless of transfers) they are going to rise for the Euro nations finals this summer.
    Don't panic - they'll certainly offer a good ROI immediately prior to those games.
    The gamble would be in waiting 'till kick off.
    Both are on form, both look like starters in their national teams.

  • @NewUser226027 yes mate. And got a nice card on Fifa19 for it too.
    I meant in terms of his goals and assists, not general play, but obv there's PB.

    I hold Brandt and Fernandes. I think both will get moves - esp if they do have a good summer tournament.
    Bayern will be looking at Brandt despite having Coman and Alphonso Davies. If not there will be other suitors.

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