Joe Aribo

  • Why the major sales in this player?

  • Because he plays in League One and people would rather invest that money in a player who can return dividends. With the increase to dividend payouts it makes those in PB leagues or MB players more valuable than previously.
    Aribo fits neither.

  • but this has always been the case, nothings changed there?

  • What has changed though is the dividend payouts. Especially IPDs. Over night it has become even better value than before to hold players who score or assist goals in PB leagues. The new changes have done nothing for people like Aribo but have made people like VVD for example a much more attractive hold than he already was.

  • On the upside, anybody you are quite sure will be in a PB league next season will be great value now.

  • @kristiang85 that is a great point. When the market zigs you gotta zag.

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