• What's people's thoughts on this guy.

    I hold and he's been dropping steadily for a while now, really not sure why.

    Napoli is last 8 of Champions League, he will have his usual transfer links come the summer and on his day capable of a good PB score.

  • @Comrade Europa League. Pretty much a bye through to the semis though the way we (Arsenal) approach big European matches!

  • his 'usual' transfer links aren't that serious.. Napoli don't want to sell.. Insigne is happy at Napoli... it would take silly money.. and i doubt whether the big money EPL boys will pay all that considering there's younger options around and at his age (27) a 3 or 4 year deal will mean clubs probably won't make as much money back if reselling at 30+... that said if Mane moves from Liverpool they will need a replacement and the links will do him no harm in upward movement...

    As a PB hold he's ok and competitively priced... I'll be keener after the share split to look at his value but two significant issues whilst he's at Napoli... Milik will outscore him... Mertens will outassist him... so whilst he's competing with that is he even the best player in his own team for PB opps?

  • I invested in him during January with transfer rumours to Liverpool etc, decent price I thought of 3.75. Hasn't done very little in a couple of months, price dropped about 15p although made sum G&A on him. Still in the EL and will see him out to the summer to see does he move, if not will sell

  • @Comrade the lad is the biggest pain in my arse. Held him for forever. Had 500 at one point. Last season he was a PB beast but never quite managed to get the score high enough to win anything. This season hes played further forward until Ancelotti which means he scores more but doesn't necessarily touch the ball as much. Been ridiculously close to winning buzz on a couple of occasions and then Carlos takes him off to save him for the next game. Very frustrating.

    Personally I'm sick of him and wish hed move on from Napoli. Keeping my last 100 in case a big move does occur but not holding my breath.

  • @Stevo cant see him moving, certainly not to replace mane. Last year we were selling salah this season its mane. Both have 5 yr deals with no clauses. Going nowhere. If he does move i dont see it being to england anyway, juve would snap him up along with the 50 players they are due to sign in the summer!!

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