Make your own decisions and stick with them!!

  • I keep seeing peopl on here ranting about “why are people selling this player” and similar posts along them lines... i think any1 thats been here for longer than 2/3 months should know how the game works, and if your new to the platform and havent figured out your own stratagy just yet then start with a small amount and take some time to figure 1 out.
    Sitting moaning about people instant selling mbappe saying they are crazy isnt doing you any good, if your that confident that people selling him are making a mistake then its a perfect time for u to buy.
    Imagine watching your skybet and watching the odds on lets say man city to win... they go from evens to 3/1... that basically means people are lumping money on their oposition to win or they are backing the draw... your CONVINCED man city will win, would u sit and moan saying “why are people not backing man city i dont get it” or would u lump a load of money on them while the odds are high??
    Thats a little rant from me but just do what u think is right and dont worry about others... if they making a mistake in your opinion then thats a perfect time for u to make money!!

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