Ticking All the Boxes - Tagliafico

  • During the excitement i primarily focussed on current PB players who also get assists - so i landed 150 Savanier in the melee. Then watched the show.

    Today trying to do a bit more analysis and find the hidden gem that ticks a number of boxes and is reasonably cheap - i've come up with Tagliafico. Already owned a few shares, but now i'm buying more.

    33 games, 5 goals 5 assists.

    7 games in the CL so far - with 3 goals and 1 PB win. (Very good considering the underdog status - he scored 272 and won best defender). PB avg over 100... can see this increasing massively if he is in a team that is favorite week in week out.

    He is linked with Arsenal, Real Madrid and more.

    Age wise (26) is in his prime, but still young enough that as a 3 year hold (not that anyone does!) he would still be in his prime.

    Currently £1.50

  • I'm already on him.

    But 'when he's at a team thats favourites week in week out' ? maybe its in the wording, but....underdogs ? lol

    He's at Ajax. Hardly whipping boys. 2nd in the league, last 8 of CL, and they've won 22 games....more than all the other teams you've mentioned.

  • @Munchie63 In terms of PB currently, he only applies to CL. Don't think Ajax were favorites to beat Madrid?!

  • @Vespasian32 yeah, I'll give you that one.

    I think a lot of people dived in after that 2nd leg, hence the price jumping. With the split he's very well priced, and is linked with Arsenal.
    Only worry there is just how many will Ajax let go. De Jong going. De Ligt likely.
    Onana linked with Barca, Ziyech, Tadic and Van De Beek getting headlines too.

    I think he will leave so am holding.

  • There was literally an article the other day saying he'd been offered to Barca or something.

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