Cheap IPD players

  • I’m surprised to see most of the usual IPD players remain untouched after the annoncement as this end of the market has had the most generous dividend increase.

    Today I made a list of 20 of the highest goal/assist players under £1.50 and pumped £1k into them.

    I won’t post the list as I don’t want to turn this into a pump thread but does anyone else see opportunities as me?

    Many of them have over 10% ROI off a single goal without taking into consideration capital apprecaitation

  • Why wouldnt you list them? Get more people on board only benefits you.

  • @Chris-J two ways of looking at it I suppose. One getting on early is better as you will get a better price however your losing a weeks worth of dividends as no eligible games are being played until 31st March (if only being bought for a decent IPD return)

  • U only get 30 days from purchase international break atmo y would u not wait? Losing potential returns?

  • @CLACKETT I’m being unorthodox and getting in early more for capital appreciation.

    They all still have at least 3 eligible games if I choose to hold.

  • @Chris-J Who you bought. C'mon what are the forums for if not this.

  • @Chris-J

    Post the list please, I wouldn't mind seeing it.
    People do their own research and then it's up to them

  • The three I picked out as incredible value were,

    Luis Muriel (36p post split) - 8 goals in 12 games since his loan move to Fiorentina.

    Andy Delort (38p post split) - either a goal or an assist in each of his last 6 for Montpellier. In total 12 goals & 6 assists in 26 games this season & after the international break Montpellier play Guingamp at home, who have conceded 51 in 22 games.

    Gaeton Laborde (36p post split) - also plays up top for Montpellier. 10 goals & 3 assists in 26 games.

  • Bought and sold Delort a few times.
    Good shout

  • @Comrade said in Cheap IPD players:

    Bought and sold Delort a few times.
    Good shout

    If this new IPD increase had have come in to effect a few weeks ago. He'd have returned 6p in divs, returning an ROI of roughly 15-16%.

    I'm convinced that this end of the market is now the place to make the healthiest profits at a far lower level of risk.

  • Its a pretty uninspiring list looking at it. There are some punts in the defenders list but there is huge value potential there by my calculations. Pretty much all of them start every game currently and a few of them have more prospects than just being in play dividend flips.

    I have used roughly rounded post split values as this will be their value when they are eligible for the next IPD fixtures.

    Oussama Haddadi - 10p
    Gen Shoji - 10p
    Shane Duffy -29p
    Chris Smalling -31p
    Sead Kolasinac - 37p
    David Luiz -40p
    Sergi Gomez - 20p

    Jony - 36p
    Davie Selke - 41p
    Manuel Lazzari - 28p
    Kevin Volland - 52p
    Moutinho -31p
    Flavien Tait - 32p
    Jesus Navas - 17p

  • @Chris-J Moutihno's a great shout. In fact a few of those wolves boys should go up.

  • @CLACKETT my thinking on this was get in first and if those players are popular and get picked up, the pirce will rise more than a couple of pence before the next league games, so its a win anyway

  • @Munchie63 I do worry that we're trusting the general public to buy players like Luis Muriel. And then all the pros(not saying im a pro but yknow what i mean) are gonna quickly sell and we'll all be competing with each other.

  • Mario Balotelli has to be a decent buy now too.

    5 in 8 (despite only completing 90 minutes once) for Marseille & will be 50p post split.

    Add in the fact that he will rise regardless as the new season approaches, on the back of all players be eligible for MB by then. He now seems both a very good long & short term hold to me.

  • @GarethG Balotelli a good long term hold? 🤣🤣 I can see him heading to China in the summer.

  • @Hotspur Nooooooo. I don't see Balotelli moving to china. He loves the spotlight and the highlife. I don't see him getting that in guanzhou town.

  • @Hotspur

    And that is why I have no worries from that perspective. He's desperate to have another go in the Champions League. I suppose after wasting his talent to an extent he's now trying to salvage that he can & should really be playing his best football at his current age. He's looked impressive for Marseille.

  • @GarethG Any guesses where he'll go.

  • @LuaLua

    I'd imagine Marseille will want to sign him on a long term contract.

    But....... I hope that his good form continues till the end of the season & a few Premier League clubs come in for him. We all know that Mario in the Premier League would be media gold.

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