New to trading on index

  • hi guys

    is there any starter tips which would be useful and any players which i should invest into

  • welcome to the site mate

    I'm quite new, but everyone's pretty helpful. One thing I'd say os do your own research and then you only have yourself to blame if it doesn't work out.

    there are some good advice threads, and some good vids on twitter / youtube with tips for building a portfolio.

    good time to join with the Share Split and prices dropping by 1/3rd

    Good Luck

  • Avoid trending list like the plague

    Be wary on ipo days until confident in platform

    Watch, listen, learn from the experienced guys here

    Patience is key

    Enjoy the ride!

  • Use the money back offer to really mess around and get to grips with the platform and some of the trader trends as well.

  • @LuaLua how would i go about doing that?


  • @NewUser313772 start with as little as possible. £10-50. Take a couple of months to see how and why prices move about. Don’t panic buy. Don’t buy risers thinking it’s easy money. Look at player graphs. Caution is the keyword. And patience. Read, read and read. The more you read, the less you lose. We all made mistakes when starting out here, take it in and learn from them. And your confidence will grow slowly. Welcome to the money roundabout.

  • @NewUser313772 the money back offer ?

    check when you joined that the offer was on.....basically they offered a refund of money lost up to £500 during the first 7 days you traded ' risk free offer'.

  • @NewUser313772 Well I assume you are got the money back gurantee yeah? Just buy a few different types of players. Experiment. Go out and learn. You'll learn the most by just going out and doing it.

    But go out and read a lot as well. Read all the stuff Fi have on their website. The big post pinned at the top of the forum etc Football index guide on youtube is also helpful.

  • To be fair, 7 days is not nearly enough! Just enough to get you hooked though! :)

  • Avoid large holdings.
    Initially go with fewer shares in a greater number of players.

    You'll then be able to observe their performance, learn when and why players rise and fall in value. Hopefully without too many costly mistakes.

    If you see players featuring in daily decrease lists, don't be afraid to buy - it's often the best time to do so.
    Red cards, injuries rotation, all can be reasons for short term dips, with a very quick recovery once returning to starting teams.
    Ask yourself...Why has this player dropped today ?

    As @Schmitcattaxi suggested, be very wary of buying at the wrong time, players featuring on trends lists, highest risers. These may be at their peak and likely to dip after purchase.
    I think that's the biggest mistake new investors may be making.

    I think the best advice is....choose what you fancy, then try to be patient, monitor progress with a view to holding for 3 years as opposed to 3 days/weeks.
    A minority will spike and merit an earlier sale and quick profit, however most players take time and rise slowly over periods of several months.

    A common regret here is wishing we'd held players for longer.
    I purchased Havertz at 90p
    Mbappe at £4
    100% profit seemed great.
    I wish I'd held out for 500% on both my first purchases.

    I've learned my lesson - I have players in my portfolio sitting nicely in the green, purchased in 2019.
    Most will still be in my portfolio come 2020....and Euro 2020 ;)

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