Ndidi + Gueye

  • Both likely to get moves in the next few years if their teams don't significantly improve.

    Who would you invest in?

  • Gueye could be worth a few shares he holds his price and sure to be linked again this summer with a move ... I don’t hold by the way πŸ‘

  • @LuaLua said in Ndidi + Gueye:

    Who would you invest in?

    Defensive midfielders are not sexy & don't score well on FI; Kante is world best & 1.50 so neither I'm afraid - you could be lucky
    or not with transfer spec but there are much more solid targets for that opportunity as well, so I see no value in them irrespective of how cheap they are Sorry.

  • I agree altho Ndidi is only 22 and he's quietly playing class so I see him getting a move next year for sure.

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