Felipe Anderson

  • (one for the master thread @misto )

    I think he's quality. But he's been a bit off the boil since January. My guess is after a relaxed summer he comes back and begins next season like an absolute world beater, but I also see him throwing a wobbler and wanting to move before January really. West Ham have this thing about mavericks and this roller coaster of Payet and Arnautovic and Anderson fits that bill perfectly.

    Would a top, top team sign him? If so who? Could he be signed this summer?

  • They could be hunting for europa so their form shouldn't really tail off and if Anderson can put in a big performance against one of the big teams(3) they have left to play then you might see him go back to that 3£ mark. Did he not thrive earlier in season with hernandez in the team. If he comes back in then it could help.

    Transfer wise though I don't know, West ham would want 50 million. That's pricy.
    He won't go this season.
    I'd recommend a long term hold or a jump off and rejoin later.

  • @Lukeroro done

  • @LuaLua I don't see him wanting to stay at West Ham and I don't see a top, top team coming in for him. China could beckon..

  • @Lukeroro Think we have to stop using this he might go to china business on every other player. haha He's in the prime of his career one year in of a big switch and he's ahd a good season. I'll eat my hat if he goes to china.

  • South American players and it seems Brazilian in particular have no emotional connection to European teams and not enough money in football back at home so they're primed for China. Look at the likes of Anderson Talisca and Oscar. Oscar is still only 27 now.

    I'd make sure you wear small hats, it's not odds on for him to go but you wouldn't want to get stung whilst wearing a sumbrero.

  • Hahahah. Yeh good point about nationalities still not enough evidence. Anyway I don't hold him so I'm not too worried.
    Even if I did i'd be happy to put on a my sombrero rather than your tin foil hat.

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