D Calvert Lewin. Help?

  • Just after advice on this one. I dont own any DCL shares yet because there must be something that I am missing.
    Only been on here for a couple of months so still learning, but why would a young (just 22 this week) English striker who in 16 starts in prem and cup scored 8 and scored 6 in 13 for the under 21's only be @1.76?
    He has made 16 appearances as a sub but not that many mins, would that impact price?
    Looking at other young talent, DCL seems underpriced but am I missing something?

  • Sorry FYI thats England u21's not Everton

  • Strikers don't fare well on FI. The only exception being Kane, given that he's Englands main man, Spurs main man and an absolute media king.

    Look at, Aubameyang, Aguero, Cavani, Lewendowski, etc.

    Lewin might be a top striker in years to come but he'd have to do something outstanding to remove Kane who himself is still a young lad. Rashford might be the other exception, given the Man Utd factor.

  • Thanks, yes looking at the most expensive players an out and out striker is a dying breed, but that said is there not scope for the prise to rise based on his age and assuming he carries on performing?

  • It does seem weird these he is over a quid less than Tammy Abraham’s tbf

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