Saul niguez

  • Looks like he's gonna get a move this summer. Price spiked a hour or so ago. Atm he's hovering at 2.90. Never been here during a transfer window just wondering what will happen to his price in the coming days.
    If Man city were to basically complete it by the end of this week and confirm it would he drop?
    if rumours continue to fly with city barca and maybe some other clubs interested would it rise?

  • @LuaLua

    From what I saw during the winter transfer window, the longer the potential transfer is drawn out the higher the price goes, as the player is constantly in the media. However, as soon as the transfer takes place the price tends to drop. There are some exceptions but that was the general pattern that I noticed.

  • If/when he joins City in the summer, his price will rocket. After the share split, his price will be below £1, so will look value at this price. Remember, Atletico players tend to have lower prices than they should due to current play style. More than likely, he will thrive at City, so current price could look very tasty.

  • All a bit speculative considering City have a potential transfer ban.

  • City players often suffer on the index due to a lack of media coverage and lots of rotation for places with such a strong squad. They're all strong PB scorers when they play but you have no idea which 11 Pep will chose on the day! Either way I'm hoping if they do sign Saul that Gundogan will be off elsewhere, think he could be a really strong PB hold if he is starting every game for another European side.

  • Would have thought Foden is next in the queue to get game time. Saul might not get on the pitch.

  • @Valhalla Surely he's a direct replacement for fernandihno tho

  • @LuaLua

    Go take a look at tried and tested examples.

    12 month figures for Keita and Fabinho should provide a good indicator.

  • I hope he does go to City. Because I'm not selling prior to Euro 2020 unless he reaches £2.70 (post split prices).

    He could be £7 right now and I'd still buy.
    One of FI's best bargains. Probably the best CM in world football.
    I don't need to argue with trolls. Typically Klopp and Pep seem to agree with me.
    I had long suggested VVD, Fabinho, Laporte and Sane are the worlds best - then they signed for the top two.

    Saul gets into any team in the world - Any team.
    For that reason alone I take pride in holding some players, it's a bonus when they "pay off".
    However when it comes to those players, the worlds best, the cheapest are Oblak and ter-Stegen.

    That's FI for you. Patience pays.
    A player can do nothing for several months and then boom in 24 hours.
    Typically I'd suggest a player appearing in the top 5 risers list is a sensible time to sell, but I'll continue to hold all mentioned players in this comment. All have more to come.
    I'll take another 100% rise on Saul, if not this summer, then next summer when he will be a key man for Spain at Euro 2020. As he was when he scored at Wembley.

  • @adam1984 thing with this is he is already higher than David Silva, a quality player and City regular

  • @C-Arroyo

    Whilst much of your argument is true he doesn't win dividends, he might squeak a couple of MB's if the transfer rumours continue but that remains to be seen. To be worth £7 he needs to have something that justifies or drives that price level other than just hype & transfer speculation - basically proven track record of divi wins or the clear potential to do so - I've held him since the summer (just cashed out for a 40p profit) & he's won precisely ZERO & not really looked close to winning.

    So whilst I can accept that the team style he plays in, grinding out 1-0 wins, subdues that potential I find it hard to believe his game is suited to the FI scoring matrix, so he will struggle to win anything in whatever team he plays which is why he is the price he is. I would compare him more to Kante, who many accept is the best at his position in the world, yet is still half of Saul's price at only £1.50. I don't doubt his real world ability just his FI potential price.

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