In Play Dividends

  • Hi All

    Is there somewhere I can see what in play dividends have been paid out this week.

    Just wanted to make sure it was all correct.

    Any advice would be appreciated, am new to FI

    Thanks in advance

  • @Muston333 all the games from last tuesday up until this monday, same every week mate.

  • @Muston333
    You should recevie and email with the player break down that makes up your IPD payment

  • @AdyH

    Thank you. I will keep an eye out as I haven't received an email yet

  • I've been on here 3 months and only email I've had was the SSannouncement and I've ticked the email and sms box and don't receive either about dividends. I know this is relatively new in terms of gambling websites but that as so many issues and glitches everyday they need more competent staff and just more in general they
    can't even get the club's right and have info on very few players but having said all that I do love FI and hope they get better at what theyre doing

  • I recieved emails in my first 8 weeks, but since then, zilch, nada.

    However given my IPD earnings are usually less than 50p I really don't feel its something I should be chasing them for.

  • @Muston333

    Hi, I started on the platform 4 weeks ago. After week one I got an email on the Wednesday saying how much I got for inplay divs and which players contributed. Since then I have had no emails despite getting inplay divs credited each week. Today the total inplay winnings for the three weeks were added to my dividends total. Previously only media buzz were credited. I find the whole platform performs like it's just been launched. The iPhone app is unstable, prices can be different depending on what type of device you look at. There are a whole list of fixes needed.Nevertheless I find it great fun, well after this week's rises who wouldn't.

  • I find it a lot better than it use to be, don't forget it's getting bigger and bigger so some mistakes will happen, I understand in business you can't afford to many but for all the bad things that go on there's a lot more good, just go with it and keep the faith lets make 💰

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