Sancho. Best teenager in the world

  • Does anyone out there think there's any better teenagers out there at the moment. He's just won next generation best teen award. He'll if an achievement. Hopefully for England's sake he's the next Ronaldo

  • CHO is better in every aspect imo but I hold Sancho cos he's a great player himself

  • Sancho is great but I think it's a style and position the market is flooded with and many who seem great flop quite young.

    Current form and the level they are playing at yes...

    But of all teenagers out there now... In 5 years I don't see him still leading the pack.

  • @Wiillaah said in Sancho. Best teenager in the world:

    CHO is better in pretty much better in every way imo but I hold Sancho cos he's a great player himself

    Well you must be a youth coach at Chelsea enabling you to make such an assessment?

    Sancho - plays 90 minutes week in week out in the Bundersliga & Champions League.

    CHO - 119 minutes of Premier League football & a few games against second rate opposition in the UEFA Cup.

    Don't get me wrong CHO may become a world beater. But to make that call on someone who has yet to be deemed good enough to start a Premier League game is a little silly.

  • @GarethG We're all prejudging players based on our personal views. I see Sancho as a talented kid who is lucky enough to have got a run in a very attack minded team with the predictable consequence of looking like a world beater...I wonder how CHO would be viewed now if he had made the same move to Dortmund! It's a matter of circumstance, Sancho looks better as he has had more exposure but happily taking onboard the risk of looking silly...CHO is a better player ;)

  • @Vespasian32 Well statistically it's silly to say he or anyone will be leading the pack it's 1 vs 100.
    The better question to ponder is does he have the highest probability of leading them?

  • @LuaLua I think Sancho could burn out or just become another tricky winger, that is good but not a match winner, I think someone like Foden learning from kdb and the silva is going to mature at a rapid rate slightly later than Sancho. I think Pellegri will become a superstar striker...
    Tonali too as a DLP.

  • @Vespasian32 I don't think you mature unless you get minutes on the pitch.

    The 18-20 years are a crucial development stage in my opinion.

    Use it or lose it. 👍

  • People need to watch Sancho before weighing in on him to be honest. Just a "tricky winger" (20 goal contributions already this season...), "CHO better in every aspect" (except actually getting into a first team) are the kind of points that are ridiculously uninformed.

    "I wonder how CHO would be viewed now if he had made the same move to Dortmund! It's a matter of circumstance", faulty logic, if I just played upfront for Barcelona maybe I could be as good as Messi. CHO may well be behind Sancho's backup in the pecking order at Chelsea next season.

    He's been the best right winger in the Bundesliga this season and tops Europe's assist chart. Easily the World's top teenager.

  • I don't think we have to argue with his talent he is clearly a bloody good player especially after this award and his stats.

  • Cho kept out of the team by Pedro, Ross Barkley!! Ffs best teenager 😂😂

  • Sancho is unreal hes a joy to watch i can see him being rated up there with messi and ronaldo one day

  • @Wiillaah said in Sancho. Best teenager in the world:

    CHO is better in every aspect imo but I hold Sancho cos he's a great player himself

    How on earth can you make that judgement? He’s barely ever player competitive football.

  • @PB-man I've watched at least half of dortmund games... I said right now he is the best...

    Let's remember how good players like Shaun Wright Phillips were at young age compare to the expected prime years tho...

  • Surprised Bayern haven’t been trying to sign Sancho for £50 million if he’s better than CHO!! Maybe they know something that the rest of us who aren’t Chelsea coaches don’t!??

  • @NewUser159470 because dortmund have slapped a price tag double that on sancho

  • @Vespasian32 at Sancho’s age Shaun Wright Phillips scored 0 in 15 appearances in the Premier League. How is that remotely comparable?

  • @NewUser159470 Chelsea just paid 57 million for Sancho’s backup at Dortmund. Safe to say Jadon is worth more than that.

  • The fact that he tops the assist leaderboard for Europe shows how good he is and if watch Dortmund’s games you’ll see he is involved in lot more goals than his assist tally suggests. The Dortmund fans even call him Jadon ‘Midas’ Sancho because because everything he touches turns into goals

  • I know I've no room to talk (I bit first) but this shouldn't even be a debate.

    One player at 18 years of age has upped sticks & joined one of the most high profile clubs in European football.

    After the transition it's taken him a matter of months to establish himself as one of the first names on the team sheet & a player that generally plays the whole 90 minutes.

    In 19 league starts this season & 7 sub appearances (early season) he's been directly involved in 20 goals. Scoring 8 & assisting 12.

    Those phenomenal stats have today been rewarded & he's been voted the best teenager in world football.

    CHO on the other hand is purely potential. We have nothing to work with to assess his ability. Coming off the bench in a handful of matches & facing tiring full backs tells us didly squat.

    This can only really become a debate when CHO has started 15-20 Premier League games.

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