Did anyone else lose money?

  • With the share split announcement I was half hoping to make a few hundred££ over night but I was amazed I actually lost £50.

    My balance is £2,500 and I hold shares in Jean Kevin Augustin, Sander Berge and Matheus Cunha

    I read somewhere that people thought cheap strikers would benefit from the share split, I would class both of mine as cheap strikers but they went down. I am hoping summer transfers for Berge and Augustin to the prem give me the lift in profits I am expecting

    Anyone else lose money or am I the only one?

  • If u held top 12 players you would have made a lot of money. Ppl sold small fish to buy PB big fish. It will change tho and small fish will have their day again.

  • @Ricky
    Sander - playing for Genk - no PB league and no IPD games...
    JKN - not sure if he played any games this season. Did you expect that ppl will jump on him and make you rich?! 🤔
    Cunha - 19 games and 1goal - not impressive mate at all...
    IMO you picked up wrong players mate, yes they are cheap but you need players who will score a lot's of goals or will assists others for goals!

  • It'll just take a while for the money to trickle down to smaller players, but I do believe it'll happen. Share split hasn't happened yet, so don't panic.

  • @Mundek

    It is not what they are now it is what they will be

    Berge will be going to Spurs, Fiorentina or Roma
    Augustin Everton or Southampton
    Cunha will then be 3rd choice at Leipzig or possibly a starter if Werner moves on so I expect by the end of summer all 3 will see substantial rises. Particularly the first 2

    I was not expecting them to be the first name people wanted to buy but I just thought with all that money pumped in I certainly wpuldn't lose money!

  • @Mundek also just to add I have not picked up the wrong players as I habe already made a decent profit on them, particularly Berge who has not far off doubled, he was the first one I bought back in July

  • @Ricky i got hit on the SS with my younger players but noticing that some others have done well since yesterday such as rabiot who went down during ss madness but risen a lot in last 2 days and the same goes for gelson Martin's and I'm sure there's many other as the money start to trickle down so don't worry and stay patient mate

  • @Jad1982

    Yeah they will come good, I was thinking that the more money pumped into others make my ones even better value down at £1.70 territory.

  • I think the days of buying terrible players and expecting them to rise are gone. Lots of ways to make money on FI but to save disappointment just buy good players 😂 good Pb mb or IPD players simple

  • Since the announcement, I have Moise Kean, who has actually increased around 4p per share.
    I have Joao Felix and Mbappè who have dropped considerably, however I’m absolutely not worried at the moment.
    Mbappè will 100% go back up after the SS as he’ll be more affordable and attractive for IPD, especially for newbies.
    As for Felix, I’m certain he’ll get a big summer move so I’m not fussed on him either at the moment!

  • Looking at my spreadsheet from Satuday to this morning: (I have a diverse portfolio of 90+ players so I group into categories, with an equal amount of investment in each category)

    My top end players (£10+) gained 3.53%
    My high middle players (£6-10) gained 3.40%
    My low middle players (£2-5) gained 1.77%
    My cheap/young potentials (under £2) lost 1.10%

    Overall my portfolio was up 2.34% in that period.

    So bascially it is clear people were pulling money to invest in the manic rises of the top end of the Index. However, from my historical data, whenever the top end grows like that (e.g in Jan was the last time), my 4th tier took a hit but came back strongly a few weeks later as people see value in them again.

    It is completely cyclical, so hold tight and don't panic.

  • @Ricky
    You bought him in July and you coming here with post like that mate! 🤔
    Like I said he is in no PB league so why you thought that ppl will jump on him for IPD games?? Could you explain me that?? Or JKN or Cunha??

  • I’m down around a hundred and change but even with some eatablished player but with international break will make a difference too only having mb this week!

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