Share Split Strategy

  • Looking forward to the share split coming in place from Monday.

    Does anyone have a strategy beforehand?

    I was thinking in selling all my shares in lower value players and loading up with top 20 players as when Ronaldo is available for under £3 and Messi for under £6 it is going to make them a lot more affordable for the wider market so can see their values skyrocketing.........

    I could be VERY wrong but just a gut feeling

  • I agree that the top end will probably beniefit the most... but most people including myself have been ready for the share split for a long time, its never too late but ideally u needed to think about it a while ago... i personally was set for the share split from november/december time!!

  • The top 20 or so players were the winners when the announcement was made and have remained strong so far this week in the main.
    I would be a little hesitant to buy any of the top players after ss as I'm guessing many of the big boys on here are sitting on big gains and another push upwards soon after the ss will I think inevitably lead to profit taking.

    Some people could get burnt.

    I'm looking at the £3-6 range of players and will buy a select crop before ss as many of these are looking even better value now.

  • I'm taking the opportunity to top up my big hitters so I can get more dividends. I know the prices will rocket after the split and I get paid the day before....

  • Don't sell cheap players if you've got a good reason to hold them (i.e. IPD prior to end of season or transfer spec over the summer)

  • for the same reasons you could hold lower price players.

    Vardy, at 40p as a proven goalscorer could quickly rise and earn IPD as well.
    Chicharito 27p, David Silva 75p...etc

    some of these prices are going to seem mad, and you could own hundreds of Vardy for a small outlay.

    If we could be sure we'd all be lumped on the right players. We all have our thoughts and gut instincts. Time will tell.

    my worry on the big guns is that those who have held for a long time see a killing and there's a quick rise followed by a shark frenzy of selling

  • @Munchie63 I worry about this theory a bit however the people who have held for a long time have made a fuck ton of money and know that continuing to hold will make them a whole load more.

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