Iago Aspas

  • Would like to start by making it clear I don't own any shares of this player.
    Celta Vigo tweeted today saying that Aspas is ready to be integrated back into the first team, meaning he should be back by the end of the international break.
    Been as high as £2.20 before his injury and now is down to £1.42
    Seems like it could be a good buy

  • top player. Turning 32 in the summer though. Vigo have sunk like a stone without him.

  • Criminally underrated player, at 31 he isn't that desirable on FI but more than worth it at under £2 even for goals/assists alone. Would expect he'll move on if Celta get relegated, if he went to another Spanish club competing for European places that would be perfect for me, as I hold.

  • Already risen to £1.60, seems more people are getting on it

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