Dividends Break Down

  • I would like to find out which players gets me my dividends. At the minute I can only find out how much dividends I get by going on my transaction history on a Wednesday.
    The dividends total next to my players on the phone app all say £0.00 and I don't receive any emails from FI about my dividends.
    Is there a way I can find this information or will there be a phone app update that will fix this for the future?

  • you can opt in for n email each week

    that said, for the last 4 weeks I havent received mine. Hard to have faith in the system when it gives you no breakdown. Goals are obvious, but assists and dividends for those seem impossible to track

  • @NewUser305194 if u got 5 minutes ring them tomorrow and they will send it. Other than that check your opted in but there pretty quick and sending it across after ringing

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