Leonardo bonucci?

  • Anyone else fancy Leonardo bonucci. He's generally recognised as on of the top 3 centre backs in the world. Was in the team of the year and is currently being linked to a swathe of premier league teams and real Madrid.

    Seems to be very undervalued at present at only £0.72

    However Italian players never seem to leave Italy and He's had a recent dip in form. Any thoughts folks?

  • He's having performance issues at Milan though.
    Plus Milan don't want him to leave.
    Agree - if he turns his form around he might improve.
    I don't think he's leaving, i've sold my shares.

  • he could be a decent investment his form will defiantly improve as i believe he has touched rock bottom during last few months..he will also perform in europa league, a must win trophy for acmilan as they won't finish top 4.
    he recently been linked to some of the big guns but its just speculation! ac milan will probably have to sell one or two of their big names in order to avoid uefa sanctions..
    keep an eye on donnarumma and andre silva in terms of transfer talk

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