Leroy is the G.O.A.T

  • Well this is something I've been saying for some time.
    Tonight was another special performance for this young and improving (more importantly maturing) player.

    Despite a frustrating 1-1 draw at home against an average Serbia, I have a strong suspicion all of those supporters are going home very happy.

    Sane could have easily scored a hat trick this evening, I lost count of how many times he was thwarted by the keeper. Sometimes, the ball just doesn't drop in the right place, sometimes the space to place it beyond the keepers reach just is not there, it was one of those games. No blame on poor finishing, no real merit for the keeper who should be saving those at this level. Germany had one real chance, despite creating openings all night. I've been full of praise for Goretzka. He doesn't miss these in big games. He'll score 50 international goals and well over a century for Bayern. A real steal at his current price.

    Anyhow, back to the greatest of all time...Leroy.
    With Germany getting increasingly frustrated, Brandt taken off and Reus introduced the chances were still coming. With Sane at the heart of most of it. The game needed something special, the Serbs putting up the barricades.
    As a City player Sane has "less responsibility", this was confirmed tonight without any doubt whatsoever. For Germany, he IS the man.
    Naturally he initially played his "city role", holding his position, retaining possession and bringing the best out of the anticipated quality around him.
    Germany were good, but not that good, not Pep good.
    This was the key point, Sane needed to step up.

    After a stint on the opposite flank, where a ginger Serb I've never heard of, was excellent at LB (No Kolarov). Sane took it upon himself to turn into a number 9 and look to poach one. We'll see this regularly as Werner is more than happy to switch and play wide left. I'm not sure what I'd make of Leroy trying to head it in from the penalty spot. The technique looked decent, maybe his neck is too skinny, just not enough on it to trouble the goalkeeper. I know what Sane was thinking though, as a kid I practiced the Marc Hughes volley daily 'till I perfected it. It needed a bicycle though that one. Sane knew it, realized a second too late, regret at a missed opportunity to follow from Ronaldo and Bale last season.
    Unfamiliar territory that for the kid - he's still improving let's not forget, decision making gets better with age.

    Ok so right now Messi's still winning.
    Sane hasn't yet perfected the art of hanging back on a Juanfran and leaping like some grazing herd animal 20 ft into the air before sticking a nut Vinny Jones would be proud of on the ball.

    So Sane tried another strategy, the gifts that will eventually make him the GOAT. He started to run with the ball, with purpose, with confidence - not with immature arrogance, but with mature responsibility, it was the right time, in the right game. The German fans will be purring over it.
    Each time he picked it up, he had the belief in himself to beat every incoming challenge. Maradona was not this good. These Serbs aren't pub players, but they sure looked it.

    After twice being brought down in the penalty area and denied a penalty, the ref was duly forced to produce two yellow cards in quick succession (in a game where he was letting anything go and didn't want to go to cards). This was then followed by a straight Red.
    In defense of the big burly striker who produced the challenge, I'm going to suggest it was Sane's own brilliance that almost broke his own ankle, as opposed to any malicious intent from the poor lump of a striker. Sane had his head down, if he'd seen the size on the guy coming he would have skipped a little higher and not had so much emphasis on coming out with the ball, but he was in wizard mode.

    What else was noteworthy...
    When the second yellow was produced and Sane lay on his back he was quite literally carried to his feet by supportive team mates front and back (Kimmich and Goretzka), the look in the eyes of those two world class players told a great deal.
    "They are targeting our best", some concession.

    Though he did seem ok after the red card challenge, it was the final minute and he was taken off as a precaution.
    We know the history (world cup exclusion and all), but I'm asking myself if this genius of a coach has played a Master hand. Joachim Lowe didn't watch the final seconds of the game...he had his back to that whilst his priority had shifted to his discussion with Sane - More important than the match, which is an indicator of the real importance of this player to Germany.
    Sane did look....let's say frustrated, but relieved, the challenge really could have ruined him, he got lucky tonight, if there'd been a single stud planted, he'd be gone. Maybe they did find that guy in a Serb pub, he looked harder that Mitrovic.
    Then who was first on the scene to give Leroy a grip of the hand, an encouraging pat on the back and help him up to his feet at the final whistle.....despite not featuring at all tonight ?
    That man Rudiger. I love the guy for that. Seems a real leader in the squad, a positive influence and he's great for encouraging the players around him. Merits a squad place for that alone. Hard to shift Tah or Sule though. I can handle an injury to one or two to defenders though. I'm holding these as well as Kehrer and Ginter.

    That world cup exclusion may have been a masterstroke. Those Germans are going home tonight thinking, our boy is going to be every bit as good as those Argies, maybe better in time. Personally I haven't ruled out improving physically, Ronaldo was the skinny kid 15 years ago.

  • Crikey. I guarantee you not a single user will read the entirety of that.

  • I really don't want to burst your bubble, you've put a lot of time into this and it makes for interesting reading, but there can only be one G. O. A. T.
    That title has already been claimed by Mason Greenwood...

  • Bloody hell mate, you could write for the telegraph 👏🏼. I own sane already

  • Hark @C-Arroyo verbosity be thy name 0_1553121363282_upload-39b04b23-0bd0-47b8-a418-6e4fae000777

  • @C-Arroyo fair play I haven’t read a book in about 3 years you just sorted that out 😉. He is a very good player and I guess you watched the game 😂. I believe he is destined for big things, initially having a quiet probably a poor start to the season considering people expected more he’s again showing his worth. I don’t think you can put him in the same bracket as messi nor defo Ronaldo. There is a reason he’s been dropped previously and it seems his head drops easily and this may only be because of age. He may mature more and become one of the greatest u never know. P.s. I don’t hold but may do in future

  • I didn’t even read that dissertation mate tbh but what I will say is, no he’s not the G.O.A.T 😊

  • He is nowhere near the GOAT
    ...Eric Dier


  • Sorry, managed to get about a quarter of the way through.

  • I would've read the opening post in it's entirety, but I'm worried doing so would make me go inSane.

  • @Advinculas-Index

    When you're not busting one out over Axl Rose or He-Man try reading some Korzybski.

    Semantics merit more verbosity - though I prefer Math. The language of the universe is geometry, not this tripe we conceived.
    I'd grunt if it were sufficient to make a point.

    Perhaps I'm a little insecure, having been trolled by a feret army once here before, I type a lot in order to try to make my points seem less offensive or antagonistic.

    People here are welcome to read one line puns or chapters of opinion. Whichever they prefer or find to be more stimulating.
    That's the beauty of an environment of free speech. You can't expect to agree with everything typed, or even want to read it.
    There's a word for repeatedly putting one line criticisms on the same contributors threads - it's called trolling.

  • @C-Arroyo I like your posts. I love your fruity turn of phrase 🍉🍑🍒You make some great points. But sweeeet Jesus do you need to just write the bullet points. There’s a saying in the journalistic world- when you’ve trimmed your piece to an inch of its life, trim it again. And boy does that bush need trimming.
    Sane had a good game, nothing more, so talk of goats is a little too early for me.

  • @Shippers

    With a quadrouple currently a possibility...Is in not also feasible to think that in 5 years we could be talking about Man City as the dominant team in the CL ?

    Real aren't the force of these past few years and aside from an ageing Ronaldo, I don't see Juventus being as good as Pep's team in the coming years (or Klopps).

    If Pep gets the success he craves, I think that could quite easily propel Sane to a future ballon d'or.
    I like Sterling, Bernardo too, but I rate Sane more highly.
    When I look at other teams, their potential as factors for individual stars, it looks better for Sane. The Pep factor.

  • @Valhalla

    Yes - In person I don't get offended if and when it's pointed out I might be going on another tangent.
    I can try to trim, but I do seem to cause more offence whenever I go that route.
    Not good at this language business.

    A man likes "kitten play" for a good reason !

  • @C-Arroyo well as long as you don’t trim it to just “fuck you....your wrong....shut up” etc you should be fine. 😄
    How nasty was that tackle of sane tho eh? Ankle breaker. And before that jovicic was practically head locking him. I would have smacked them 😏

  • @C-Arroyo I personally think Sterling is far more consistent than Sane (can’t believe I actually just said that). Of course this can change and if Man City dominate for years to come (hopefully won’t) Sane will more than likely be part of it but for me he needs to work a little harder (my opinion) Pep will get best out of him if he’s prepared to listen and be patient. I suppose that asks the question if he will.

  • @HLD178 said in Leroy is the G.O.A.T:

    Crikey. I guarantee you not a single user will read the entirety of that.

    Dead right mate, started reading and decided to scroll down to the comments, sorry @C-Arroyo but that was way too long.

  • People often suggest "it's too early" when I make this Sane claim.

    I'm interested to hear what individual others think are the most likely future GOAT, future ballon d'or winners.
    Without talk of past winners.
    Just talking about players under the age of 25.

    I think the following could all be future winners :

    Sane, Sterling, Salah, Rashford, Mbappe, Sancho, Vinicius.

    When I do think of other contenders, I don't see any as being more likely than Leroy. I've also noticed the others I rate are priced much higher.
    In that sense it suggest "I over rate" Sane.

    I'll stick to my guns though. I can't think of a single other player under the age of 25 who's closer to Messi.
    I think Mbappe is closest, but more in the Ronaldo mould, physical attributes as opposed to intelligence.

    I enjoy waching Ronaldo and Mbappe.
    I've always enjoyed watching Messi more.

    These days, night like tonight. It's why I watch football. It's why I love the game, even as a neutral - TY Leroy Sane, that was pure class on the pitch. Deserved after the Summer.

    People say his head can drop ?
    Masterstroke to leave him out of the ageing squad that was on it's last legs and likely to flop.
    Lowe gave 'em a chance. Now they're all gone. That was a young German team tonight. No Hummels, No Kroos, No Muller.
    The hunger is back - Don't rule this squad out of winning Euro 2020. They will be geared though for WC 2022. Sane, Goretzka, Sule, Steg, Kimmich, Gnabry, Werner, Brandt, Havertz - They will all be in their prime at the same time.
    This is the start of a great team.

  • Yup. The next gen of Germans are very tasty.

  • @Valhalla

    No. no. There's a better way.

    The Messi way.
    Barcelona plan B.

    Can't breach the defense.
    Go lurk inside right, draw in dumbass, move ball and leave a trailing leg.
    Smack the resulting free kick into the top corner.
    Pep is putting Sane on free kicks now, he scored a cracker for Germany in the nations league. He has that in him. Just needs to learn to strut like a peacock and take deep breaths that make for a good photo op. When he has that look he hits absolute screamers.

    I had a happy backflash today, decades ago now.
    Where I grew up we had an annual match between the two rival crews on opposite sides of a small village, no nets and lots of mole hills. Still I played my game as a little winger. A kid on their side (also a little dude) fancied himself as hard, always used to pick fights with me. After skinning him he took me out a good one - I flew, hit hard, looked like a twat with all the hot local village girls watching.
    My initial reaction was fuming, I pushed him, he raised up, I backed off. I think there was something subconscious in my head - a genuine love for the game he didn't share. I turned and went to pick up the ball.

    I put it in the top corner and turned away. I will never forget my team mate, the little dude who played on the opposite wing running up behind me "You broke the stantion".
    I checked, I did, as rusty as the old goalposts were it was precious.

    I did that once.
    Leo Messi does it every time someone tries to bully him.
    That's why for me he's the best.
    I see a lot of this in Sane, he's got a young head for his age, but he truly loves playing the game.

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