Joe Aribo

  • now back down to original level, surely hes great value as potentially could be playing in PB league next year? anyone have info on him? very tempted, had alot of interest this year

  • This is the third Joe Aribo thread you've started in just over a week. Please stop.
    If you want to pump him that much, at least do the decent thing and keep it on the same thread.

  • genuinly not 'pumping' i sold him @ £70 profit... unsure how to find old chats but will look now, cheers

  • @NewUser297399 so you put 2 threads about how good a player is, then sold off?
    Certainly sounds like pumping and dumping to me...

  • @GregF give me a break mate - £70 investment is good in my book plus he diddnt rise till a few days after my original post so if anything, anyone who looked into him and invested as a result of my post should be thanking me. you think everyones pumping! not always!

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