Dividends/advice please

  • Hi guys,I have been on the index for six weeks now have a 7.5k port,which has most of the top players in,but until a couple of days ago had only 46 pounds in dividends18 of which from higuan(a fluke)I have got 15 pounds in the last 2days.Did I just join the index at a strange time for buzz winners,as all I read about is how pogba,Naymar,salah etc are media kings,yet pogba has earned me 11 pounds the other two nothing!I

  • @Andy-C

    Neymar is injured & Salah has be quiet/outshone by team mates recently & we are on an Int'l break neither are involved so attention elsewhere.

    I've had the following in divis since the Summer; Salah - 89, Neymer - 138, Pogba - 370, Ronaldo - 200, Kane - 93, Hazard - 156, VVD - 61.

  • @Andy-C
    Can I ask what did you expect from 7.5k in 6weeks ?? I meant what kind of money from dividends??

    And one more... Did you check stats (PB/MB) for each player or just after what ppl said you decided stick £7.5k on the platform and now you waiting for 'easy money'?! Disappointed ? 🤔

  • No,I did a lot of research,and more than happy with the platform,there is no such thing as easy money,just wanted to know if I had joined at a flat period for dividends on top players

  • @Andy-C
    Is international break so no PB and IPD div for 2weeks. Olny triple days for MB in that period of time but I'm sure top 10 will win some money for you (Pogba, Rash, Hazard, Messi I think did already mate...).
    Anyway when PB leagues, CL/EL will bck expect more money from top 10...PB div is not easy to win (like some ppl think) but be patient and you will be fine mate!
    Not sure but 10% is average in year from dividends but I'm not trader who set up port only for them so like I said I'm sure 🤔

  • @Andy-C
    I’ve been on about 8 weeks and have £56 from £7000 invested,works about about 5% return on the year which I’m happy with as I’m also getting about 5% per month port appreciation and that’s with a lot of mistakes when I started if I can keep anywhere near those figures going forward I’m more than happy

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