Havertz & Zaniolo

  • 2 great young players with big futures. However, is now the time to invest? I can’t see either leaving this summer - Leverkusen have said Havertz won’t. They’ll both be involved in summer Euro u21s I guess, but with no summer links, is it best to wait til next season and invest now in others?!

  • @chaps1988 Personally I'd invest in M Kean (Juve, 19). Was announced in the Italy squad a couple of days ago.

  • personally im topping up constantly they have taken a hit but wont be down for too much longer!

  • @gball1975 said in Havertz & Zaniolo:

    @chaps1988 Personally I'd invest in M Kean (Juve, 19). Was announced in the Italy squad a couple of days ago.

    yeh, but again I question whether he'll rise (more than others anyway) with no summer transfer links.

  • potentially although zanilio already has had links/ rumours but no point in getting in late next year when his price has already risen (yes not as much) but long term be better

  • I have topped up both this morning in anticipation of the SS. Plus they are down from their peaks so look like value too.

  • Out of the two I only have Zaniola. I got on quite high and I am currently down 62p per future. However, I am not going to sell. For me this is a good opportunity to increase my futures in him at a lower cost.

    From what I've seen and heard about him he has good potential to be a top player. So I am going to play the long game with him and not jump from one player to the next in the hope of a quicker profit.

    Also, with Havertz also dipping I am tempted to add him to my portfolio, which depends on me making some funds available.

  • @bouchet - Ranieri was talking about being more attacking with Zaniolo supporting Dzeko and a revitalised Schick in a front 3 so could be good for PB and IPD.

  • yeah massively improve PB and IPD scores i got on zanilio at £1.90 ps and topped up at around £4 now constantly topping up! hes been kept back and not put under pressure too young

  • @chaps1988 I hear your point but I'd still put choose Kean over the other 2 guys. But out of your selected 2 options I'd go with Zanilio.

  • I own both... But isn't the question When to buy, not if...

    Are they good value now? ... Yes, dropped quite a bit from their peak of a month or so ago, but really good prospects.

    Are we at their bottom price now? Probably not. If it was me I'd buy some shares now, but with a view to keep topping up gently until their price starts to rise... Then I'd back them fully

    I. E. If you want 100 havertz.. Maybe buy 20 today... See how he is doing on Monday... Buy another 20 if still down or flat... Tuesday pre split I'd buy another 10.... Then I'd be eagerly waiting for his price to start going up and then buy my last 50.

  • A couple of things I've noticed:

    1. Italian players and players playing in Italy don't do very well in FI. Very poor for PB outside Juve and no MB unless you're Ronaldo.

    2. Italians are home birds and move abroad even more rarely than English players. If they do move they're generally not that great. If they're really good they go to Juve.

    There are only 3 players in the top 50 for price that play in Italy, and none are Italian. Kean is about to change that, but it's still worthy of notice I think.

    This of course does not mean that Zaniolo won't be a good investment, but worth considering. I would say he is highly unlikely to leave Italy in the next few years, and without that move his price has a lower ceiling.

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