Share split psychology

  • I'm just wondering what everyones expectations are for next week when the share split has officially happened.
    Is everyone expecting a big hike in all players across the board because of the lower prices or alternatively are we going to see an increase in the medium priced players due to what seems to relatively small prices.
    As an example Jadon Sancho will now cost £5 however his team mate Pulisic will now seem a bargain at 1.41 (even though the ratio is exactly the same as now) - however obviously pulisic probably won't have any MB due to his transfer already taking place so he may not increase.
    But someone like Luka Jovic who will be 2.14 might be a better example.

    In my opinion with new users, hopefully, coming on board I think they'll be more tempted by the mid level players where there seems to be a lot more value.

  • the biggest hope is that all of us current investors have tried to sell the idea to friends... or colleagues... and maybe there are forums out there that discuss FI

    and from this there are a significant number of people teetering on the brink of signing up, but didn't see the point because they only had £20 and couldn't even buy 1 Pogba (for example). Now people with £10 - £100 might see an opportunity to start a portfolio with a few players and a few shares in each … and it makes it more appealing.

    Then there are the people we haven't yet tapped because we knew they wouldn't be keen. But now I can tap a colleague up who knows nothing about football and say … "look put £100 in here... buy 10 Pogba and 5 Sancho and in a year you will probably double your money"

    But any major rush of new money has to be driven by a solid marketing campaign, or being opened to a new country (but on the same platform).

  • I think they must of had a marketing plan to go alongside the SS but they haven't dealt well with the surge of new custom since January. Maybe they are being sensible in making sure the platform works before trying to get another surge...hope so...but also, have seen new customers say they signed up this week as they saw the billboards at Fulham vs were at the game or saw it on Sky...they have about 4 more games booked on Sky all at Fulham but vs big clubs.

  • @Vespasian32 I think you're right, also I think FI need to be clear to new customers on how prices are driven - my mates always ask this and I'm almost unsure what to tell them. For instance why is Callum Hudson-Odoi £3 more than Mane.

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