Dele, Sancho or CHO

  • I'm an arsenal fan and I have to say alli is miles ahead of these boys who have rose to fame in the last year. Now sancho i can understand as hes playing in bundesliga and doing good but alli is proven international still in champs league and finally fit again yet CHO (who has a blink and youll miss it highlight reel) is more than twice he's price and if spurs flop the vultures( Madrid Barca, city or Utd) will be circling!

  • @Jad1982 Sancho -> alli -> Cho

    but then again id have given that advice a month ago, or two months ago if youd asked me... and look what CHO has done in that time. The market moves in mysterious ways.

    Sancho has the goal and assist threat of Alli - with more MB potential due to age, huge transfer saga, England fledgling etc.

    Alli never had the best dividend returns even when playing... but should see an inevitable slight increase when back playing, especially if he hits form.

    CHO … has good MB but I don't see his PB potential until he is a guaranteed starter. Too risky/volatile for my liking

  • Some times that doesn't matter here. Sancho & CHO have massive media buzz appeal, whereas, Dele Alli has very little due to transfer activity. They also have youth on their side.
    Sancho edges it because of his goals/assists. He also won the NxGn award for best teenager in he world yesterday. Sancho is only gonna rise i think..

  • @ADolan5 he's only 22 you joker your talking like he's 30 get a grip he's ahead of both of them in the national team and is never out of the media he's been injured for last few months. I'm betting sancho will get a move this summer and turn out a bit of a flop just like dembele not that he's crap or anything but the move hasn't worked out how Barca hoped it might.

  • Sancho by a mile in the real world and on football index

  • @Jad1982 Alli is a terrible buy on fi,he’s poor for Pb poor for Mb and hasn’t got any transfer links,the other two are better in all aspects. In real football you might have an argument-cho in particular is unproven but sancho has been the best player in the bundesliga this year and I’d much rather have him than Alli even though they play different positions.

  • @Manu Is he actually bad for Mb? How long have you been on here? (I haven't been on here long enuf to know) I woulda thought when spurs are playing well he gets quite a bit, he's actually got a personality and online presence as well.

  • @Jad1982

    Also a Gooner mate.
    Holding Leno, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Bellerin and Xhaka.

    These spuds earn me more money though, despite them costing more.
    I'm holding Davies, Dier, Ali, Eriksen and Kane.

    People here used to bang on......yada yada Kane don't win nothing, don't do nothing.
    Kane is one of the biggest risers of the past few months, among the elite players, winning bonus MB during that time.

    Kane might be "boring", but the key point is, that it was inevitable his price would "catch up".
    That's how I currently see Dele Ali. Doesn't really matter what he does or what happens.
    He's going to rise simply because his price is "too low".
    I'm not letting mine go for less than £3 (post split) and if I decide to top up he's one of the first on my list.

    I don't own any of the other two unproven and expensive youngsters mentioned.
    Just Mbappe and Dembele at those sorts of prices.

  • @LuaLua since August 2017 he’s won 30p in Mb dividends and 8p in Pb dividends-not as bad as I thought (for Mb) but there’s a lot better options out there for that price imo.

  • I've held since shortly after and that sounds right, thought I could remember a couple of divs a while ago, in quick succession I think.
    That's the thing though - isn't Ali a potential media storm ?

    The PB is shockingly poor and would see him benched playing in Spain, even if it's effective here. Can't see that getting any worse at least.
    So 38p in 18 months, needs an MB storm.
    Could easily come this summer, at next summers Euro 2020, or becomes very likely if there's transfer talk.
    I think if Poch goes, Ali follows him out.

  • The media buzz is only since Jan for CHO anyway and yes sancho has been good in a 2nd tier league only 1 German team in quarter finals of both European comps and it wasn't down to bad luck either it's an inferior league that's why gnabry couldn't cut it at arsenal and now plays for Bayern the team about to win the league and why they are raiding English youth teams plus I don't think Dortmund will sell him as last year they sold dembele and what happened to there season they won't risk that again imo

  • lets just hope he makes up another impossible eye celebration.


  • Anyway, I think there's too much emphasis on dividends in some individuals cases, on past performance to date.

    Just checked....I flipped Ali and Kane around three months ago at profit.
    Since I have owned new futures at £4 and £9 respectively, they have each had a 3 month increase of 25%, which is exactly my target when buying.
    Divs are a bonus.

  • Worth mentioning that when I did flip Ali, he returned IPD's, think that was around 12p for the month of January (ish).

    Not much, I think his price is set about right on an initial IPD basis (costing 10p commission to flip).
    So I'm convinced Ali doesn't drop much - he's a safe bet based on his IPD potential - Gamblers should have to pay !!!
    I'm charging at least his current price if they want IPD's.

    So Ali is a "safe" investment. He's not dropping because he has decent IPD flip value to gamblers.
    Any MB or PB is a bonus adding extra value on top of that £5 (pre-split) valuation.

    So yeah I'm not taking less than £3 (post split) for Ali this time. If there's a general rise in all players that goes up.

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