Messi vs Ronaldo

  • Not a debate on who's better - don't worry!

    I was wondering why there is such a huge disparity in price between the two, both score buckets of goals, both play international football and are still in the champions league so why is Messi double Ronaldos price?

    Ronaldo must earn more media bonus dividends, messi wouldn't say boo to a goose! Is it purely because Ronaldo is 2 years older?

  • 3 years older... 👍

    Plus the rape case & potential jail time hanging over him.

  • Age
    Leagues (The italian league is probably the lowest MB generator)
    Trader nervousness over the Rape allegations
    Messi has the better PB potential currently and in the future
    Messi has the better MB in the future (Currently they are probably on a par)

  • Messi is better.... Oh sorry thread not about that ☺

  • One of them is a Pervert

  • One looks like an oily Portuguese waiter

  • Ronaldo off injured... Hopefully price plummets enough to make him an IPD flip!

  • Another ankle injury. Topped up on Moise.

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