Harry Maguire

  • Seems imminent that he'll be joining Manchester United in the summer, tried in last 2 or 3 windows and now apparently OGS given Ed Woodward the green light, I'd prefer Maguire to Koulibaly any day of the week, experienced EPL player, first choice full England international, couple of years younger, that's my Man United fan view...
    As FI trader Maguire is currently £1 cheaper, under 90p on Tuesday, what's not to love.
    Here's another pump for you @LuaLua 😁


  • It's a sign 🙌🙌

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  • As a fan I don't think he's much better than Chris Smalling.

    Technically maybe, bringing the ball out from the back like Southgate prefers - but as an out & out defender? 🤔

    I don't think so - would prefer to see another 35m added to the bid & go for Varane if the rumours are true.

    CD & RW is where we need strengthening.

    Throw in Sancho too for 100m & I'll be pleased with our summer business. 😎

  • He looked better for England playing with better players IMO so a move could take him to the next level. I thought United would go for Varane, Koulibaly or Skriniar. It looks like all 3 of them will move this summer.

  • @Andy-M no where near a better player than Kouilbaly and I own neither. Maguire starting to get a bit of abuse about being Englands weak link, near joined United last summer on the back of a good WC, but England didn't beat anyone decent. Price tag of £70 scared them off, dont see Leicester looking to lower it much in the current market. Kouilbaly an absolute beast, would be a great signing for any top team, looked at him at £3 few months ago hesitated and he has since shot up near 70p, regretted not buying but dont think his price now is good to buy, probably wrong but sure you cant buy them all unless your Big Don 😂😂

  • @Stewarty Koulibaly is an amazing player, but we're judging from what we've seen in Serie A, not really the same as the Premier league tbh, And Maguire has been called the weak link by a player he's going to play against tonight, surprise surprise mind games pre match, if he was the weak link he wouldn't be 1st choice for Gareth Southgate.
    Also put him in Man United and you'll see a much better player than u see in Leicester.

  • We only score from corners and pens so can see Maguire having a good game tonight.

    I think he would be a good fit for Utd...hes always looking to get the ball forward quickly so would suit ogs style.

  • @Vespasian32 Yeh Maguire's a penalty god. Never seen him not stick it in the top corner.

  • im joining the party - gone from 2.90 - 2.98 in the last hour while I been thinking bout buying lol. prob 3.50 by tonights kick off

  • Jumped on Maguire last night circa midnight @£2.81 as soon as I read the article in the morning papers online on Sky Sports...cheers!!

  • @Andy-M Feel his price just isn’t worth it in comparison. Okay he will win a few days of MB if he moves but all other United CB’s are below £2. Don’t get me wrong I rate him and had a great World Cup and would love him at United but putting on my FI head, has he won that much PB if any at all. I just don’t see the value. Okay his English but I don’t feel that should drive his FI price, I’ve not seen him win much on MB either

  • Not worth it imo - United would look to make a statement signing in defence. Someone like De Ligt/Koulibaly or Varane I'd imagine, not Harry Maguire. Overrated cb and don't think he'd look all that special at a bigger club, he is very slow which doesn't suit the way bigger sides like to play with a high line.

  • I think this 'story' got plenty of legs...I rate him

  • Ive missed the boat, guess i will just have to wait until Rodgers says he is going nowhere and watch his price fall then jump on.

  • At moment he's only 20pts behind 3rd place for MB on Football buzz & only £1 come Tuesday
    Someone say they missed boat ‼️

  • I got him at 3.03 so if he's late for the boat I get I'm gonna be swimming! This one will drag out as Leicester ain't letting him go without a fight so hoping the saga will carry on till deadline day and then happen that's what I hope but either way i am sure he's gonna continue to rise plus he's always good for a few goals too

  • 0_1553263107737_upload-1413d5b6-ef08-4017-aa00-0579f92f8bf8

    Throw this guy in the mix.

  • I thought Man Utd would look at spending roughly £100M on 2 CB..

    £25M on Alderweireld, then upto £75M on another, either Varane / Koulibaly / Maguire

    However given that Lindelof has remembered he is a footballer again I think they will only look to sign Alderweireld now.

    With Smalling, Jones, Bailly as backups, they will probably feel they have enough

  • Look at McGuire 'spread' if ya decide wrong call ... obvs still got ur commission

  • Equally I can see Utd offering Smalling / Jones to Leicester as part of the deal as I think there is currently a lack of quality CB at the moment for Leicester to find a suitable replacement. And no I’m not saying those two are the same quality.

    My concern as a Newcastle fan is Maguire leaves and they try and replace him with Lascelles

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