Age old GK conversation

  • Me and a friend have opposing views on whether GK's are now good buys post share split. I won't state which way my opinion goes. But what are your guys views? I'm interested to hear a balanced discussion :)

  • For me the new IPD dividends make goalkeepers very good value up to a certain price. If certain goalkeepers fall under certain prices then they are worth picking up. You are still limited by the lack of PB though so they definitely have a price cap.

  • I bought some futures in Alisson for £1.65 each. In the 30 day period he got 3 clean sheets. His price after the 30 days went up to around £2. I got a very decent return from him along with the In Play Dividends.

    I was lucky with the price rise, but even if his price slightly dropped, I would have made money on him due to the In-Play Dividends. That's how I looked at it anyway.

    I think if a team has decent fixtures coming up and has a good defence, then I would say they are good shout for In-play dividends for those initial 30 days. Ederson & Alisson would be the obvious choices for me and I doubt their prices would fluctuate too much.

  • I hold 3 keepers for when the media opens up to the whole index rather IPD’s as i feel at least two of these will definitely benefit from this although its a while off they could rise in preparation for this anytime

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