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    @Tom77 you could be right I’m just pointing out that his Pb scores so far are very very poor,in fact you could buy his teammate Hakan calhanoglu for less than half the price who has a very good Pb game. Apart from the 1 game which he scored his Pb scores are roughly between 30 and 40 and that is why his price is dropping.

    Paqueta 56 pb average 9 games

    Cathanolglu 90 pb average 65 games

    V junior 37 27 games.

    Past PB scores aren’t everything, Cathanolgu has been part of an average Milan team for a few years and already 25 so you could say he has hit his ceiling without pulling up any trees. Paqueta has just moved country and only played 9 games for Milan. Add in just being given the 10 shirt by Brazil I think its fair to say he is highly thought off.
    I put in VJ example because people don't mind paying £10 a share for someone with terrible Pb but VJ is a a young brazilian and so is Paqueta.

  • @Tom77 As I said he’s a very good player and highly regarded but unless he does something like scoring a hat trick for Brazil his price isn’t gonna shoot up ,when he first went to Milan everyone had high hopes but even with playing well and becoming a fan favourite his price has dropped and it’s because of the way he scores Pb.

  • You're basically having a debate over whether its better to play the index or play the trader.
    And like the poker saying its better to play the man not the cards.

    However in this case it looks like the traders you're playing against are playing the index.
    So I would not buy.

    Does anyone follow lol.

  • Paqueta goal!!

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    Paqueta goal!!

    Yep. Only against Panama but it's already seen his price jump 17p or so. Imagine if he gets 2 or 3 haha

  • Great finish. Could be the new golden boy of Brazil. Should grace the CL next season too for Milan.

  • Needed that goal 😀

  • They have this guy on the bench
    If ever he came over here he would be a potential MB Goldmine


  • Paqueta has been losing me money for over a year. Today, rumours of a PSG transfer and BOOM I’ve broken even at last 😂


  • @Coleyscrooge where have you seen this, been linked loads over last 6 months

  • Twitter. Got a slack notification that he was surging so checked Twitter, found this

  • @Coleyscrooge do I sell my 1000 Guebbels to get on board???I know what will happen, Guebbels will get named in squad as back in training and fly and paqueta deal won't happen 😂

  • Finally a chance to get outta him with a little profit

  • It's not working for Paqueta at Milan. PSG would be good for him, lots of time on the ball and lots of chances for him to create.

    Makes me wonder who PSG may sell should they get him

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